Laminate wooden flooring or vitrified floor tiles?

GUIDE BANNERQ : I have really ugly mosaic flooring in my bedroom and need a cheap option to re-do the floor. What would you suggest ? Laminate or Vitrified flooring ? These are the two things I am considering.



A: There are a few things you may want to consider before you make a decision

Laminate wooden flooring vs Vitrified Tiles

Basics : Firstly, if you have any kind of flooding risk in the bedroom—-for example,overflow of water from a balcony during the monsoon–then laminate flooring is out. It cannot be used in areas which are prone to termites either.Because they are resistant not proof.



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HOMETOURS BANNERInstallation : If you are looking for something that could be done quickly and without creating much of a mess–then laminate flooring is your answer. You can get beading done on the edges and leave the skirting untouched. That is the quickest option. The interlocking system holds it in place.Vitrified tiles will be more messy, but these days even these tiles can be fitted quite fast.

Durability : Without doubt, here, vitrified tiles win outright. They will take a lot more wear and tear. If you are looking for a durable laminate then opt for a reputed brand like Pergo.

Aesthetics : The look of the room in both options in considerably different. It is largely a personal preference and dictated by the overall decor of your room. If you like the ‘look’ of wood then laminate would be the choice to go for. It does give a sense of cosiness. But if you like the ‘feel’ of a cold floor and sparkling surfaces then vitrified is your answer.


Residence by Archana Naik featured on Prismma

Residence by Archana Naik featured on Prismma


hire an architect small bannerMaintenance : Again, in the case of vitrified tiles–it is low maintenance. Wood laminate flooring does require a little more care–keep it away from moisture and don’t drag furniture as it will scratch the flooring quite easily. It cannot be refinished or polished as a lot of people assume. Remember that when companies say it is low maintenance–it IS–but compared to hardwood flooring !! When compared with vitirified tiles the latter is easier to maintain.

Rented Homes : In this case, laminated flooring is the way to go as you can remove it an re-install it somewhere else. Remember to keep extra planks,skirting,beading and profiles for future contingencies.

NOTE : In the case of laminate flooring, you need an even floor to install it on. In terms of cost differential, both offer low cost options . Laminate flooring is cheaper but you should insist on at least an AC3 or AC4 quality. Lower than that is cheap but not durable. You must also have an underlay.


Check out the image gallery on wooden flooring

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So whether you opt for wooden flooring or vitrified tiles consider the various points above before you make a decision.

6 responses to “Laminate wooden flooring or vitrified floor tiles?”

  1. Holi says:

    I’d like to know wooden flooring price

  2. Alok says:

    I have just laid double charge vitrified RAK floor tiles in my house. I have been told that u should neither wet-wipe it daily nor use floor disinfectants in water used for rinsing the wipe cloth. Is that right? AS

  3. Rajev says:

    One of the disadvantages of vitrified tiles is limited in color and texture when compared to ceramic tiles

  4. Guru murthy says:

    Vitrified tile better, but the price is also a consideration

  5. vaibhav says:

    Thanks for clearing all the doubt

  6. Arun says:

    i need your help for change our company floor its in cement floor and we are using fork lifter in its create some problem for the there any other option.if its there please contact 9566185666.its urgent.

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