Western vs. traditional Indian decor: Trends

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The western influence will continue to dominate the interior design industry in India, particularly in the context of high-end homes.

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In fact, several concepts are well integrated into our ‘desi’ framework and not considered particularly ‘western’ anymore. In any case, the ‘western’ influence is more of a global phenomenon and reveals a collective consciousness in the design industry and a universal outlook among homeowners rather than any cultural aspect.

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Traditional Indian decor

Despite the perception that the upwardly mobile urban professional is ‘westernised’ this segment of society is consistently asserting a keen interest in preserving the traditional, while embracing western design concepts with equal fervour, thereby creating an eclectic framework that is quite unique.

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So, while western concepts may have varying degrees of influence, its presence is spread across various income groups. Traditional Indian decor has its faithful followers and many among them comfortably integrate ethnic with modern in a highly individualistic context. Its renewal and revival in a contemporary context is a significant interior design trend in India.

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One ‘global’ influence that has gained currency in recent years is the need to promote sustainable design and create environment friendly design. This, hopefully, will have a more enduring impact than the short lifespan of a trend.

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