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wedding photography Katha6 profile Katha7An international award-winning wedding photographer, Andrew Adams has been recognised as one of Canada’s top wedding photographers by the National Post. In 2008, he won the Canadian wedding industry award for Best Portrait. In 2007,he won Captured Moment, a nationwide wedding photography competition. Andrew is passionate about South Asian culture and travel, and spends much of his time in India, documenting life. Wedding Photography India

He has been shooting weddings for 12 years. His website –Katha Images showcases many Indian weddings in Canada, and a few in India. There is a large South Asian population in Toronto, and many NRI couples return to India for their weddings and have a reception back home. Andrew finds Indian weddings to be loud, very colourful, chaotic, with beautiful customs and heartfelt emotions. A visual feast for the photographer!

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“I feel honoured when couples entrust me the task of artistically documenting one of the most memorable days of their lives. With a sensitive eye and a passionate heart, I capture the real moments and tender emotions that naturally occur on such a beautiful day.”

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His perspective on wedding photography is simple. Andrew sees himself as a visual storyteller, a historian. He says, “some photographers tend to take over too much and turn the day into their own personal shoot. Over-directing people, using harsh lights and causing distraction from the events taking place.”

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Andrew takes a more subtle approach, by being as unobtrusive as possible. He pays close attention to every detail, and tries to capture subtle emotions. Always observing and respectful, never interfering while a ceremony is taking place.

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His belief is that “a good documentary photographer is there to capture these special moments, not to create or change the course of events.” Natural light is also a very key element to his creative style. He only uses a flash when it is necessary.

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When asked which his favourites are, he says, “ I like smaller, more intimate weddings, as I get to know the family a bit more. I like to witness the strong family bonds. The emotions that overcome a father during the Bidai ceremony. These are memories that will live on forever through images.”

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Andrew loves to capture all the details that go into a wedding, decor, flowers, jewelry, shoes, lehenga –all elements that go into making a wedding visually beautiful; he realises that his clients appreciate having these details captured.

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He loves to travel and meet new people. In this context, wedding photography has given him a great opportunity. As Andrew travels frequently, he also likes to photograph the places, culture, and people that make a place unique.

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He is currently working on an exhibition of his personal work, and plans to publish a book that is a compilation of his favourite images from all over India.

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