Various Styles Of Modern Kitchens

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The kitchen, which is also the heart of a home, has seen a real evolution in terms of design. From open to the sky central patio kitchens in ancient Greek homes and cooking meals on the stove in the 1800s, to modern designs made possible with the improvement of technology — the changes have been many and so have the styles. It goes without saying that all this has helped in increasing efficiency.

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Among the various styles, modern style kitchens too have a sizeable chunk of followers. So, what exactly does the modern style mean and what are the strong points of a kitchen in this style?


In the mid-20th century a style evolved that veered away from the traditional styles of the time before the industrial revolution. This style of design is referred to as the modern style. Many tend to use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably – this is wrong. Contemporary design refers to design which is current, happening right now, whereas modern design refers to a specific style. Modern Kitchens

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Natural materials hold sway in a kitchen designed in the modern style and though there is lack of ornamentation, the natural beauty of the materials used more than makes up for it. For example, the veining of a marble counter top or the beautiful horizontal grains of wooden cabinetry or flooring, or the horizontal grains of rift cut oak sidings for the island. There is emphasis on the word ‘horizontal’ as the modern kitchen style is characterised by strong, horizontal lines.

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The cabinets are without ornamentation, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to be prominent. Strong horizontal lines, flat panel doors and simple yet sleek hardware are distinctive elements. Unlike the flush inset cabinets in traditional styles, this style has frameless full overlay cabinets, with consistent spacing in between the cabinets as well as the doors and drawers.

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The handles often run the entire length of the doors and drawers, accentuating the horizontal lines of the cabinets further. Flat linear pulls or tubular pulls are integrated into the cabinets.


Unlike contemporary kitchen design, the modern kitchen does not favour materials with an array of colours, textures or patterned tile shapes. Tiles are set in a horizontal grid, again emphasising the leanings towards strong horizontal lines which is the trademark of this style. On the contrary, in a traditional kitchen you may see vertical lines.

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Another point to note is the style of accent pieces – very consistent, never eclectic like those seen in traditional kitchens. Lighting and furniture (chairs/bar stools) lack ornamentation and sport simple, clean lines. Modern pendant lights look good in these kitchens.

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Colour may be injected through accents or painted cabinets. An untreated concrete wall can add visual interest and so can modern wallpaper. Modern look can be achieved by industrial elements.

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Emphasis on horizontal lines is clearly evident, always in a modern style kitchen – long rows of stacked drawers and cabinets, long kitchen islands sporting materials showing off the horizontal lines of the design.

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