Trends in Interior Design

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An important trend in contemporary interiors is an increased eco-awareness within the designer fraternity. While still at a nascent stage in India, it is reassuring to see green architecture and interiors. Sustainable design will become a more prominent feature, as designers and consumers become more aware of the long-term advantages. Increasingly, we will see more natural, organic, and eco-friendly products being used in interiors. Trends in Interior Design

Go with the flow

While one segment of the design fraternity seeks to reassert the adherence to regimentation, clean lines, and a sleek framework; another set seeks to go with the flow, make design more fluid and embrace elements that are in keeping with ‘nature’. This could be an assertion of defining the grain in design or highlighting the curve—both of which essentially move away from geometric shapes and straight-line definition.

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HOMETOURS BANNERGlobal influences

As cyberspace has made the world a much smaller place, it has also extended its global thinking to design consciousness. Aztec themes mingle with oriental detail without restraint and create a visual imagery that can no longer be traced on a map. Its appeal is global.


Metallic gleam

Metal has locked arms with traditional decor and eco-friendly furniture to create an eclectic design ethos. In its new unbound avatar it is embracing a world that extends far beyond its minimalist home. A new language is evolving and the dictionary is changing at a fast pace to incorporate new meanings. Another trend that is raging through the design fraternity is the use of metal in all forms and tones as an element. Be it wall cladding in copper, steel in furniture, chrome in fixtures or the allure of bronze in floor tiles and zinc in powder coated finishes. Metal is absolutely everywhere, in almost every form.

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