Trends in interior design from eclecticism to heritage reaffirmed


Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home featured on Prismma

Inclusive and eclectic:

As we embrace a world sans frontières, we will also see design become more inclusive of different global and cultural influences, integrating it into one seamless conversational space. Mix and match will no longer be a bohemian expression, as it reflects our eclecticism in thought and style preferences. Interiors will be open to a multitude of influences, with co-existence and adaptability as a common thread that allows each homeowner to explore a highly individualistic framework of design.

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Let there be light:

Lighting is a fundamental aspect of good design, but often ignored in the larger scheme of things. Not anymore. Interior design will see a lot of focus on this element and spaces will reflect a deeper understanding of how good lighting not only enhances a living space aesthetically but also contributes in various functional ways. Energy efficiency will be another key factor in design.

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Heritage and Handicrafts:

As we reclaim our past and give it a lease of life, heritage and handicrafts will come to the fore. Even as technology brings us a new way of living, the old ways will exert their influence and traditions will find their place in design. The hand-crafted furniture industry will receive favourable attention and this will in turn drive artisans to create products more relevant in a contemporary context. A need to preserve culture and heritage will also provide much needed momentum to preservation and restoration efforts in architecture and design. Modern is now about connecting with the past and making it a part of our lives in the 21st century.


Detail and artistic expression:

Creativity in all its forms will reach a far wider audience. Detailing and handcrafted expertise will be much in demand, while artistry will find a new partner in technology, charting a path of exploration and new definitions. The tools of technology will be used in conjunction with handcrafted design.

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The texture touch:

If there is anything that is going to be more than colour and pattern, it is texture. Fabrics, walls, furniture design and all kinds of surfacing will be defined by texture. Flat is bland, and not the way of nature.


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