9 hot trends in interior design

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Uber Luxe

If minimalism is being shown the door, the red carpet is being laid out for opulence. Luxury in interior design is most definitely ‘in’. Statements of grandeur are no longer to be shied away from. Restaurateurs seek a glam quotient and the hospitality sector is spending a lot of money on creating a ‘luxe’ effect. Even in budget options the endeavour is to create an experience that gives you luxury and comfort, not necessarily at a premium.

The glass ceiling

Glass is one element of modern design that has maintained its pre-eminent status and will continue to do so—it is the use of glass in interiors and architecture. The mantra continues to be—let there be light, in any which way possible. With its comrade in arms—steel, it will continue to merge and blend with ecological trends without diluting its status. In commercial interiors it is likely to hold its sway for a much longer period.

hire an architect small bannerBold pattern

‘Think big’ has moved away from furniture and has now found its presence in textiles and floor covering. The repeat is not so repetitive, and the patterns are bold.

Beyond Niche

Leather and wicker furniture have moved out of niche and entered mainstream furniture design in India. Both materials are also being used in many innovative ways.

Comfort Code

Creating a sense of luxury and comfort is also essential in office design, as sparse waiting areas and receptions have made way for their more comfort-conscious brethren. In a fast-moving world every moment of comfort is appreciated and remembered. Creating such moments often achieves a lot more than millions of dollars in advertising. High rates of attrition and employee turnover also mean that companies need to ensure that their employees are ‘comfortable’ in their work environments. Happy people make for efficient workers.

architect bannerCurvaceous forms

If a return to nature is the order of the day, is it any surprise that it will also make way for irregular lines, natural curves, and organic imperfections in all elements of design?

Eclectic elegance

Minimalism is quietly making way for eclectic interiors. The world is not flat—not in tone or texture either. The piece lying in your garage from your ancestral home can now be dusted, cleaned, remodelled and re-polished; and then find its space along with the Minotti sofa in your living room.

New definitions

Wood, stone and cork are all being redefined in their use. When conformity does not command a blind adherence in your psyche, it is unlikely to find a place in your living space either. Rules are being broken and the new rule is simple: do not maintain the status quo. Change is the law of nature—and—of design.

The world at my doorstep

Scandinavian minimalism finds an unlikely companion in traditional Indian design and creates a new footprint in interiors. It is no longer about bringing the world into your space in bits and pieces. Your living space IS the world—in form and feature. This just reflects the way we work and live and how the lines that distinguished our space in the past are increasingly blurred in design today.

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  1. Sonia Sareen says:

    ” Paradeigma”

  2. Meena aggarwal says:

    “Horizon Thinking”, “Boundless”, “Cool Outdoors”,”Thinking without boundary”

  3. “A Phantom Desk set at Dawn in a city that never sleeps”.

    • Prismma says:

      You want this caption removed ?

      • where and how do you enter the contest??? its not clear to me.

        • Prismma says:

          Hi Saji

          You can enter your caption for the pic either here below this post as a comment or a comment using your facebook profile (both options available)

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  4. Sonia Sareen says:

    REALITY is an illusion; Albeit a persistent one

  5. Sonia Sareen says:

    ” romancing the DIVINE “

  6. Simmi says:

    The writers mind

  7. PRADEEP GUPTA says:


  8. Meena Aggarwal says:

    “Boundless Study” -Caption for the picture published today.

  9. seema singh says:

    Juke in the box!!

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