Trends in home decorating

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There are three general trends in home living that have exerted an influence on a wide spectrum of society. Firstly, there is an increasing desire to create living spaces that carry the stamp of individuality. Homeowners are investing more time, energy and resources in the design and décor of their home. The concept of ‘live well, live for today’ defines their mindset in many ways. The second trend is the emergence of the niche market and the specialist. As homeowners explore the home living segment and understand the nuances of design using the tools of technology and the internet, they are increasingly aware that finding the right people for a specific solution is more likely to deliver desired results. Although today’s savoir-faire homeowner is up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design, this is measured against individual style preferences and not followed blindly.

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Trends in home decorating

There is a greater respect for the architecture and interior design community and the homeowner’s final analysis and decision does not boil down to a comparative analysis with a contractor’s proposal, as it often did in the past. Last but not least, the homeowner today wants and expects world-class solutions and is usually willing to commit resources to achieve this end. They are also more aware of the benefits of having a more integrated perspective when considering design and ad-hoc is not an option anymore. 2013 will see a shift from ‘chalta hai’ to ‘kya chal raha hai’. Information and inspiration will drive the industry as a whole and homeowners will expect brands to deliver a whole lot more. Not necessarily for less.

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In terms of surfacing materials for floors, walls, countertops — texture will be an important trend to watch out for. Wallpaper will get a new lease of life and this time around the focus will be on subtle detailing, accent walls and offbeat applications. Kitchens and bathrooms will remain the main point focus but will witness a major shift towards detailing and the finer aspects. Wardrobe design will become a more important aspect, as the compulsive shopaholics of 2013 will need to seriously configure their storage space.

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The home will be designed from the perspective of individuality, comfort and aesthetic expression, wrapped in a cocoon of quality and functionality.


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