Top 10 trends in home decor accessories

Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home featured on Prismma

Trends in home decor

Nature inspired:

Keeping with the general trend in interior design, home décor accessories will continue to be inspired by nature and the shift towards eco-friendly products will include many new believers.

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Semi-precious and specialty:

Agate, malachite, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, tiger-eye etc will all find expression in home accents. The mother of pearl obsession will reduce somewhat while quartz will be the king of specialty materials.

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Quirky and fun:

These will be the most popular home décor accessories. Products that bring a smile to your face and have an element of quirkiness will find several takers.

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Soft to the touch:

Smooth surfaces, soft to the touch and enhances this particular sensory experience will find its way into accessories for the home. The higher up the product is in the luxury food chain the more important this aspect will become.

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Desi is desirable:

Everything Indian will find much favour—at least in home décor design. Reflecting nuances of heritage and cultural symbolisms. Not to mention a healthy dose of colour and bling.

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Reflective surfaces:

Metallic is of course the most predominant with gold and copper taking a sizeable market share. But you will also find mirror and other reflective surfacing incorporated into the design of home décor accessories.

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Handcrafted detail:

The impersonality of ultra-modern will make way for minute detailing and handcrafted embellishments designed to make a refined and personalised statement.

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Warm fusion:

An antique lamp base paired with a highly contemporary shade is the kind of eclecticism one can expect in home décor accessories. Mix-and-match is not just acceptable—it is preferred as a statement of inclusiveness in design.

resort suite design mihirgarh14

Pattern and motif:

Regardless of the size of a product, pattern and motifs will play a huge role in creating design definitions in home décor accents. Traditional and modern combined will dominate the industry, but graphical flourish will be the rising star.

floor patterns india-bharat

Raw and edgy:

While the sense of touch will exert a larger influence in the design of home accessories, raw unfinished surfaces in products will garner a dedicated following especially when the base material is a natural one. These will tend to be statement pieces integrated into the overall theme of décor.

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