Trends in fine dining: Chef’s kitchen

I believe everyone has a personal connection with food. In all its aspects. From the ingredients and cuisine to the way food is served. The heightened interest in food, and cooking in general, has also put the spotlight on chefs and the culinary world. It is an innovative and potentially rewarding new world for chefs and cuisine, where moving beyond the conventional opens up a world of occasion that extends far beyond the walls of a single, well-received restaurant.

Presentation of food plays a very important role

The portion sizes are smaller and there is a high concentration on visual appeal—the presentation has to be interesting and inviting.

Relishes are more than accompaniments.

Not too long ago, food was served with accompaniments and a sauce in flowing consistency. Today, it more of a relish and sauces are absorbed in the food and drizzled or sprinkled. Most commonly used are fruits, coulis of peppers, caramelised onions, glazed cherry tomatoes, broiled spices, confits of garlic and herbs, so on and so forth.

The shift toward experimental cuisine

Innovation while keeping a recipe’s relative originality is the mantra. Chefs are increasingly experimental with the latest food trends and keeping themselves up to date with cutting edge technologies and research on methodology. Molecular gastronomy is an example of this kind of trend.

Popularity of exotic ingredients

Ingredients are often exotic  or unusual and  the menu explanations are more descriptive of the ingredients and cooking processes. Serving to provide insight and information to culinary enthusiasts.

Interactive and open spaces

Open kitchens with chefs interacting is a relatively new trend in India. Guests are given the option of customised menus, from fry pan or fire to the table. Teppanyaki tables, Sushi, Indian BBQ, Grill tables and the like are gaining popularity.


Nimish Bhatia is popularly known as Chef Bhatia in the Indian hotel industry.
In addition to being a graduate in Hotel Management, he is also a qualified with certification in HACCP and Lead Auditor in ISO 22000 auditorship. He is a member of SICA and Chaine des Rotisseurs.
He has explored various aspects of culinary expertise. He joined The Lalit Group in 2003 and is currently Regional Executive Chef, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. As a chef, he always believes in the element of

Images by Sanjay Ramchandran

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