Travel India: Holiday 2014 Contest

Sponsored by Amritara Resorts

Sponsored by Amritara Resorts

Send us your travel story.

Win a Holiday for Two at a luxury boutique resort at one of the following destinations:


One winner every month.

You can register for the contest by leaving a comment below.

We will send you the details by email.

304 responses to “Travel India: Holiday 2014 Contest”

  1. Varad says:

    Is this contest still on?
    Can you please provide me details?

  2. Oindrila De says:


    When will you declare the winners for June. I was told that all my previous entries would be considered for June and a winner will now be chosen.


  3. Mayura Rao says:

    I am interested, please contact me on

  4. Oindrila De says:

    Hey! When will you be declaring the winners for April and May?

  5. Mayura Rao says:

    I would like to participate in the upcoming contests please mail me the details as to how to take part, I blog at

  6. Oindrila De says:

    Will you be declaring the April winner soon?

  7. Oindrila De says:

    Hi team,I haven’t received any reply from you. Please declare the winner for the April contest! Also, until when will you be receiving entries for May?

  8. Reena says:

    I would like to participate. Please let me know the details.

  9. Oindrila De says:

    Is the contest open for May? What is the last date to send in my entry? Also, can you please confirm if you received my article for April? Eagerly awaiting the winner announcement. :-)

  10. Ananya says:

    I would like to know how to participate in this contest.. Could u please tell me more about it..!

  11. Oindrila De says:

    Please confirm if you received my entry for the April 2015 contest. I sent it on 20th April. I haven’t heard from you since.

  12. Oindrila De says:

    I just submitted my entry for the April 2015 contest. Please confirm if you have received it. By when will you declare the winner?

  13. Tariq Raza says:

    Amazing contest. I would like to participate in this contest. Please send details.

  14. Mayur Patel says:

    I love to visit all beautiful places of India.

  15. Tamanna Dutta says:

    Hi! I’m interested in participating in the March contest. Fill me in with the details please. TIA! :)

  16. Oindrila De says:

    Hi, can I send you my entry for the March contest? What is the last date to do so?

  17. Purujeet Parida says:

    Hi, I had sent my entry on Jodhpur city for the February contest last month. I’m wondering if you received it. Waiting for the Feb-results.

    One more question – is the March contest open now?

    • Prismma Magazine says:

      Received your entry. Feb results will be posted on Monday. March contest is also open. Entries till 20th March.

  18. Details please. I want to be a part of this contest….

  19. Ankita says:

    Please send me details of the contest. :) Visit my travel blog Trail-stained Fingers: ankitashreeram.wordpress

  20. LSP says:

    Can you send me details please? I am interested!

  21. Oindrila De says:

    When will you declare the result for the January contest? Will you declare separate winners for international and Indian travel articles like you did for December? Also, when will you start accepting entries for the February contest? Excited! :-)

  22. Gaurav Gosar says:

    Hello please let me know the details of the contest.

  23. gaurav gosar says:

    I want to register and submit entries. Please let me know the details.

  24. Looking forward to participate. Please send me the details

  25. Oindrila De says:

    I sent my entry (on Daman) for the January 2015 contest. Please confirm if you have received it. Also, by when will you declare the winners?

  26. Mohit says:

    Want to participate, please send in the details

  27. Vaishali says:

    I am interested to participate, please mail me the details!

  28. Revati Victor (Different Doors) says:

    Looking forward to receiving the details!

  29. Aalekh Prajapati says:

    Hello, I am interested to participate and win.

  30. Oindrila De says:

    I wish to participate for the January 2015 contest.

  31. Akash Nair says:

    Hey..I would like to be part of this contest

  32. Purujeet says:

    sorry this one.

  33. Purujeet says:

    please send me on this ID.

  34. Purujeet says:

    Amazing contest! I am interested! Please send me details!

  35. Shailesh Parmar says:

    amazing contest…….. I m in…!!!

  36. Yogesh Dutt says:

    i want to be a part of this contest….

  37. Really very nice contest. I want to go for holiday with my husband.

  38. bidisha says:

    Plz send me the contest details via email

  39. Saroj Tiwari says:

    I want to send my mammy and papa to a trip in this new year

  40. Bidisha says:

    When is the last date for sending entries?

  41. Nandini Deka says:

    Would love to be part of it :-)

  42. Richard C says:

    Need a vacation.

  43. Rianna Dsilva says:

    I love travelling so sign me up guys! 😉

  44. Ruchi.... says:

    very exciting contest…wish i win….will be waiting for the results…

  45. Harsh Shrivastava says:

    Gr8 contest I am all excited. ..wish I cud win a holiday package

  46. Hey guys, :) i am ur fan , great contest put up :)

  47. Swati says:

    This is an amazing contest.. awaiting for the details of this contest..

  48. Foram says:

    I am Gujarati.
    This is my first contest,
    I’m so happy & wait for result.

  49. Oindrila De says:

    Can I send another entry for December now?

    • Prismma Magazine says:

      Yes, please do send in your entry. The Sula Vineyards story was really interesting and has been featured in the current issue of Discover India. Better luck next time.

      • Oindrila De says:

        Thank you for publishing my story. I’ll send in a better entry for December. Hope I win this time! I really love to travel and write about my experiences.

  50. Nishant Shekhawat says:


  51. Oindrila De says:

    When will you declare the results for November? Eager to know! :-)

  52. Michelle says:

    I’d love to visit the ever-colorful India. :)

  53. Ketki Kulkarni says:

    Leaving a comment, so you’d inbox me the details

  54. Yethi Raj says:

    WoW … Amazing,I am excited about the contest

  55. Alifiya Makda says:

    Loads and Loads of happiness!!!

  56. Alifiya Makda says:

    I’m looking forward to this so much… count me in!

  57. Oindrila De says:

    Hi, I just sent you an email with my entry. But it bounced. I’ll try sending again in smaller chunks. Please ensure you have enough space to receive it. I’m worried because today is the last day for the November contest.

  58. Sreeniballa says:

    Travelin is my life…want to see the world from diferent angle…pls forward me the details

  59. Gaurav Thapak says:

    Count me in!!

  60. Aditya Prabhu says:

    Good things in life can only be experienced at great places. I wanna do the same please send me details on

  61. Neelam Sharma says:

    waiting for contest details. please mail me at

  62. Shaheen says:

    Looking forward to the competition and sharing some pictures

  63. Bidyut Goswami says:

    I am interested in the contest. Please give me details.

  64. I went to Kashmir this September,right into the floods and saw nothing of the beautiful place I've been wanting to go from when as a teenager i saw 'Kabhie Kabhie" and what a 'washout' it turned out,no pun intended…would love to make up…

  65. Neelam Sharma says:

    It sounds interesting please share details..

  66. Sohini says:

    Looking forward to an exciting journey

  67. Sunita Khera says:

    Hi…. really interested in this contest.. want to participate..

  68. Oindrila De says:

    I would love to participate. Please email me the details.

  69. Jyoti says:

    Interested in the contest, details plz :)

  70. riya suri says:

    i am in :))

  71. Snigdha Naik says:

    I am excited about the contest

  72. Celine Ekka says:

    want to explore more.. m excited ^_^ 😉

  73. G Sriram says:

    I am really interested in being the lucky one to stay at awesome locations 😀

    • Prismma Magazine says:

      Congratulations Sriram. Your entry on the waterfalls of Munnar won the November contest. Please send us your postal address and phone number so that we can send you the voucher.

  74. Nikita Gulati says:

    Luxury boutique resort at these unique locations !!!
    Happiness can be won in a contest ..:p 😀

  75. Surbhi Panhalkar says:

    i would love to win that.

  76. Neelam Garg says:

    i want to win dear.

  77. Anamika Joshi says:

    I want to participate in this contest.

  78. Anamika Joshi says:

    I am interested too.

  79. Add me too into this adventurous contest 😉

  80. Abha Dassani says:

    Travelling makes life go on & on ………

  81. I am interested too…

  82. Arjun Bhatia says:

    Great. Looking forward to the contests.

  83. Harsheel Hans says:


  84. Ranu Pathak says:

    Hey..I'm interested too!! :)

  85. venu chintham says:

    am interasted

  86. Rs Gupta says:

    interested for the contest…..

  87. Roli Jain says:

    yup, interested :)

  88. kaustubha says:

    Waiting for it. Yayy!

  89. Bablish Joshi says:

    I’m excited for participation.

  90. Ankur says:

    I am interested

  91. Akash Sharma says:

    i am game for it

  92. Neha says:

    I’m interested pls mail me my id neha10b@gmail.con

  93. Interested! Please let me know once it starts!

  94. Varuna Varun Singh says:

    Excited to be a part of such a great contest. Do inform me once it starts again at

  95. chitra gianani says:

    waiting for contest

  96. Tarun Gaur says:

    wow, waiting for your contest to start, kindly let me know at

  97. hamza dalvi says:

    Hi, i would love to play this contest, please send me the details.

  98. Sapna Sharma says:

    Very interested in this contest, can you please share more details:

  99. Devasish says:

    Dude… love this…please let me know about the happenings.

  100. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to know more the contest and the details as for whenever it starts…

  101. prateek khetan says:

    need more details.

  102. Scott Shaver says:

    I wanna learn more.

  103. Irene F says:

    Interested. please do ping back

  104. natasha says:

    Interested in the email id

  105. arvind kumar says:

    are u sure to again start in month sep.i am intrested.

  106. Gitanjali Banerjee says:

    Interested in this contest as I am currently in Rishikesh and I am a travel writer. Check my website you can connect with me at

  107. Jyoti Baruah says:

    Interested. Inbox details @

  108. ŘąhŰł Barman says:

    Please send the details

  109. kaushik says:

    Kindly send the details of the contest at

  110. Soorya says:

    Send details

  111. Oindrila De says:

    I’d love to participate again. Let me know the next steps.

  112. Monisha says:

    Hope i win!

  113. Hey this sounds interesting. My email id

  114. Hiral Vyas says:

    Hi… This sounds very interesting. Pls note my email I'd
    I'd love to participate. Thanks

  115. Suman Nayek says:

    looking forward to more details at

  116. Ashish Godara says:

    Interested. Please send the details at

  117. aditi says:

    Kindly send the details

  118. aditi says:

    Plz send the details of the contest

  119. Janaab Pirlo says:

    I am interested Folks.. Send me details on

  120. Moumita Das says:

    Being an avid traveller and a tour professional very much interested in your contest. Please email me the detail for future contest.

  121. Avani Barot says:

    Very much Interested please mail me at

  122. Avani Barot says:

    Very much Interested please mail me at

  123. Tania Mukherjee says:

    I am interested please mail me the details

  124. Tania Mukherjee says:

    Interested!! mail me at

  125. Charu says:


    Interested. Please send the details.

  126. Charu says:


    Please send the details.

  127. Charu says:

    Please mail the details on


  128. Deepti Asthana says:

    Please send the details

  129. Shiny Shrivastava says:


    I am interested in participating in this contest. Please send me the details.


  130. Gitanjali says:


    I am a travel blogger. I am interested to participate in this contest. Do let me know.


  131. Priya Aggarwal says:

    I can’t find the details for the June contest. Any help? Please send the details at Thank you!

  132. sukanta says:

    when will be next round of this contest??

  133. Aditya Prabhu says:

    Planning a special vacation for my wife on our annivarsary please mail me details on

  134. Very much interested..Please mail me at

  135. Anonymous says:

    I am interested my mail ID

  136. gaurav betala says:

    I am interested, please send me details.

  137. Ravneet kaur says:

    kindly send m the details on my email. i had written earlier too.

  138. Ravneet kaur says:

    i would like to send entry for the contest. kindly send the details on my email.

  139. Ashish Godara says:


    I am interested and I have a very good tale to tell. Please send me the link.


  140. Divya says:

    Hi, interested in the contest! send me the details

  141. Purujeet says:

    When will you guys declare the results for the fortnight displayed? :-)

  142. Oindril De says:

    Please declare the result for the fortnight of 24th March – 6th April. Also, is the contest still on? Which fortnight can I now participate for? :-)

  143. sapan Kumar says:

    Kindly advise me about the procedure as i’v plenty to share !

  144. Somenath Mukhopadhyay says:

    A great contest. wonderful destinations to reach if one wins. like to take part!

  145. Purujeet says:

    Hi – Will the results for the fortnight ending april 6 be available soon?

  146. Vaishali says:

    Would love to participate in this contest. Can you please tell me the details.

  147. Dr Bharat says:

    its fun to see such type of adventurous and bold giveaways esp in india…you people rock!!

  148. Gunjan Barot says:

    Its quite a innotvative idea!!!

  149. Gunjan Barot says:

    Its quite intresting!!!

  150. Harpreet says:

    Is the contest still open?? PLease let me know the details..

  151. sushmitha says:

    I would like to participate in the contest

  152. disha bhatia says:

    Really want to participate in this contest. looking forward for a reply from you people :)

  153. disha bhatia says:

    Really want to participate in this contest. hope to get a reply :)

  154. Priya Bhagi says:

    The idea of travel is seductive to the mind…Please send me the details!

  155. samira jain says:

    waitin to participate

  156. Rajbir kaur says:

    Would like to enter the contest again! :)
    So kindly send the details.

  157. Purujeet says:

    I have an amazing travel experience to share which is just right for travelers who like untouched serene beaches.
    Great competition! please send me details.

  158. Tulika says:

    Hey! This sounds very interesting. Would love to participate!

  159. Parvesh Kadiyan says:

    I have experienced the adventurous beauty of kashmir.

  160. Abdul Rasheed says:

    How to participate In the contest ?

  161. Dtp cathe says:

    Travelling. the art of exploring and the ultimate way of having fun, and how to hold that memorable moment? Photography- the art from heart,

    • Prismma Magazine says:

      Received your entry

      Here is my google+ link “”

  162. Oindrila De says:

    My entry for this fortnight is about my trip to Coorg:-

    Let me know the result for the last fortnight, please.

  163. Priyanka Neogi says:

    What’s more enjoyable than to travel and explore one’s own country?? I’d love to and most passionate about travelling and would like to know more about it…

  164. Jai Govind Meena says:

    My entry for Prismma Holiday 2014

    • Prismma Magazine says:

      Congratulations Jai on winning the contest for fortnight 24 Mar-6 Apr

      Do send us your postal address by email so that we can send you the voucher.

  165. Jai Govind Meena says:

    I am trying to register for this contest…please share the details

  166. Hariharan Iyer says:

    I would like to participate in this contest.

  167. Bobby says:

    Heyy Please send the Details :)

  168. Vibhor Yadav says:

    Please send it the details. :)

  169. Bidyut Goswami says:

    I am interested in travel photography. Please send me the complete rules.

  170. Aswin chandran says:

    Hello prissma magazine,i would like to participate.Please send me the details.

  171. shalini says:

    Hi…just wondering when are you sending the vouchers…this seemed to be the time to …

  172. Vidyun says:

    I want to participate , please send the details

  173. Deepika Saincher says:

    Hi, I would love to take part. Please send me the details.

  174. Shachi Baxi says:

    My entry for the contest is :

    The destination is magical Jaipur.


  175. GAGAN GUPTA says:


  176. Oindrila De says:

    My entry for the contest is a list of all I did in Pondy:-

    • Prismma Magazine says:

      Congratulations Oindrila! You’re a winner. Please send us you postal address and contact number by email.

      • Oindrila De says:

        Thank you so much! :-)
        I’ve emailed you my postal address and contact number. I’ll be waiting for my travel coupon!

  177. Rajbir kaur says:

    Kindly send the contest details.
    Thank You ver much.

  178. Kunal Upreja says:

    Please send me the details.

  179. Kunal Upreja says:

    Hey..I also want to participate.
    Please send me the details.

  180. Vaishali Bisth says:

    My journey with my friends to Rajasthan upto Jaisalmer in a car – A brief blog which I have always admired :

  181. Kritagya Tripathi says:

    My entry for the travel contest is the journey to Jim Corbett which I undertook with my friends, I hope it inspires people to travel to Corbett:

  182. Oindrila De says:

    Please email me the details of this contest. I blog at

  183. Priya says:

    Hey, I’d like to participate in this contest. Could you send me the details? Thanks.

  184. Chittra M says:

    Registering with prismma

  185. Shachi Baxi says:

    Hi there,

    I look forward to participate and share my travel stories.
    Send me the details!


  186. kajal says:

    katarnia ghat-a small part of wildlife sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh

  187. kajal says:

    Please send me the details

  188. Paramvir says:

    Hello. I have a blog, amongst many, at

    Also I am active on social media. Can I please have details on entering the contest?

  189. Paramvir says:

    How do I jojn? I have a few blogs and most social media accounts which are also active?

  190. Deepanshu says:

    I would like to participate in the competition.
    Kindly send the details.

  191. Sayan Halder says:

    I Want to take part in it .

  192. shalini says:

    yay…I won the stay…when are you going to mail me the details???????????

  193. dishank tiwari says:

    hi… looking for the details..

  194. Mohit Poddar says:

    My entry for the contest is a video blog – hope it qualifies to win –

  195. Hemant Dubey says:

    I wish to be a part of this contest. Please send me all the details.

  196. hitesh mangal says:

    i am interested in participant in the contest.please send the detail

  197. Akhilesh Tekade says:

    Sorry its the link

  198. Akhilesh Tekade says:

    Here is my link for the contest:


  199. Abha says:

    I am interested in participating in the contest. Please send the details. Thanks!

  200. Vivek says:

    Hello. Details please. Thank you .

  201. Abhilash says:

    Interested in participating the contest. Please send me the details.


  202. NR says:

    I would like to participate, please send across the details.


  203. Nicole Gomes says:

    How do i participate for the contest. Pls suggest.

  204. Ajay says:

    ALl the best

  205. shashikala says:

    pls share details

  206. Shilpi Verma says:

    Please share the details

  207. Gowtham says:

    I would like to Participate

  208. Komal says:

    What about the winners of the last fortnight? Where can we check that?

  209. shalini says:

    This is a lesson in history and science,breathing in the new and the old,the spice and the sugar…why am I not able to paste the link to the contest entry here…help!

  210. Manu says:

    Hello, I sent you the link to my entry via email. Please let me know if you received it.


  211. Hemanth says:

    Im interested in the above contest, can you please send me further details

  212. Keerat Kaur says:

    Hello, I’m interested in participating. Can you send me the details of your contest.

  213. I’m registering for the travel India contest…I am a blogger ,have a facebook profile and a g+ id…

  214. Sonam Ahluwalia says:

    Mesmerised by Kashmir——

  215. Shalini Vohra says: Coorg is such a beautiful place.

  216. Alok Gaekwad says:

    i want to participate.

  217. Bhakti says:

    Looking forward to winning this contest :)

  218. Payal Chatterjee says:

    Pls. send details.

  219. Bhavna Ganapathy says:

    Sent you my entry link by email. Pls confirm.

  220. Jyoti Srinivas says:

    pls add me as friend to view my facebook album entry for contest. tks.

  221. shivangi agrawal says:

    I am trying to register for Travel India contest but unable to do it successfully. The rules say that one is eligible if he has only pinterest acccount and no facebook profile. But I am facing error saying invalid url. Please advice.

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