Traditional Indian Interiors: Archaana Aleti

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A decade or two earlier, life was simpler and meaningful. Traditional arts and crafts were cherished by homeowners, but rapid urbanisation, economic development, a fast-paced life, mushrooming of malls with an array of products making shopping easier and above all, the desire to ‘fit in’ has changed the scenario. Traditional Indian Interiors

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The so-called perception of being urbane and sophisticated and the ‘feel good’ factor created by modern and imported commodities have resulted in the slow departure from our traditional sensitivities and cultural heritage that permeated our lifestyle.

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profile ARCHAANA44I wanted to revive our Indian identity, which I felt was on a desperate decline! Achyut – my husband, refuted the idea of investing in an apartment in the city as “home” for him ideally means free flowing spaces in sync with the surrounding natural elements, as it is in his native village in Kolanpak in Andhra Pradesh.

Given that living such a blissful life in a village was not a possibility; the challenge for me was to integrate all the suitable elements into our typically confined urban apartment.

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The functional modalities of a couple engaged in the corporate world with frequent travels, wanting to get back to a welcoming home with elements of Indianness is something that we truly believe in and value.

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‘A creative mind finds its own ways to interpret ideas’ – undoubtedly, our inspiration was drawn from our love for the rich heritage of traditional arts and crafts of India.

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The only freedom that we enjoyed in terms of structural changes in our 1500 square feet apartment was to play with the internal walls – segregating spaces, creating an element of drama and connecting indoor spaces with the outdoors to receive the warmth and light of the sun.

These changes also enabled us to incorporate some concepts of traditional Indian architecture into the overall design.

traditional pillars design ARCHAANA42

We installed ornate Chettinad columns on a raised platform between our living and dining area.

pillar design ARCHAANA6

These antique rose/teak wood columns and brackets were handpicked from a small town named Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu and are intricately carved by the local artisans.

living room design ARCHAANA19

To go with the traditional ambience in our living room and to create the feel of a verandah seen in typical village dwellings, we fixed a low seated swing (jhoola) in front of the Chettinad columns.

cahir design ARCHAANA17

This has become a favourite spot for our guests who enjoy sitting here and chatting over cups of coffee, all the while enjoying the view of our mini terrace garden which overlooks the space.

traditional swing chair chain ARCHAANA31

Our enduring love for Indian arts and crafts is evident throughout the interiors of our home.

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The ‘treasures’ are sourced from lesser known local artisans during the course of our travels.

wardrobe design ARCHAANA24

Our carpenter who was keen to promote run of the mill designs was bewildered at our take on the wardrobe design.

wardrobe door design ARCHAANA18

Our wardrobes have plain glass panels showcasing beautiful textured textiles and block printed motifs in various hues.

wardrobe door design ARCHAANA39

The glass panelled wardrobe doors enabled us to project our love for Indian textiles and designs as well as create an optical illusion of spaciousness.

table top design ARCHAANA16

Similar designs have been executed in the study, for the TV table and dining table – panelling with clear glass that could be backed with beautiful textiles or textured paper.

TV unit design ARCHAANA15

dining table top design ARCHAANA33

table top design ARCHAANA5

This design enables a change in the look whenever desired.

carved bookshelf dsign ARCHAANA34

Some of the woodwork is executed with restored teak wood brackets and panels.

flower decor ARCHAANA40

These intricately carved pieces add to the overall traditional ambience of the home.

wood carving ARCHAANA13

diwali decor ARCHAANA41

Handmade Athangudi tiles with traditional motifs and floral patterns are a part of our décor and ranks among my favourites.

door handle design ARCHAANA37

Fixtures and handles have been chosen with care to showcase traditional designs.

textile design ARCHAANA32

Furnishings are custom-made using old silk sarees and pretty dhurries (rugs) made by tribals.

swing chair design ARCHAANA10

Home is usually a realisation of our cherished dreams – dreams that we have nurtured for a long time.

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In today’s fast paced world it may not be possible for every individual to realise this dream entirely.

study table design ARCHAANA36

By incorporating little cost effective elements into your living space at least a part of the dream may be realised.

bedroom design ARCHAANA20

Our guests appreciate and relate to the spaces that we have created incorporating elements from our rich traditional heritage.

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Impressed, they often ask – “can we accomplish something like this?” Our encouraging reply is, “of course you can, if you believe in it!”

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