Traditional Indian Decor: Lakshmi Arvind: Celebrations Decor

You may have seen Lakshmi’s home earlier as a part of the stylish home contest, a while ago. In this interview, she talks about her her world of decor and being inspired by Kerala and its traditions.

Do check out her wonderful blog – Celebrations Decor

I live in a duplex apartment in Alaknanda, a residential area in South Delhi. It is a 1200 square feet apartment with a balcony and terrace area. Being a rented house, there was nothing we could do about the structure of the building, so it was a challenge to create a personal space within the limitations we had.Nevertheless, we have tried our best to create a space that reflects our taste and cultural heritage. All walls are painted in muted yellow. The colours are simple and lend themselves to the clean geometric lay out.


 Traditional Indian Decor


A love for tradition runs in the family. All little experiences come to mind these days, while living in Delhi, far away from our home in Kerala.


I create nuggets of memory to make my home vibrant. My interest in interior design dates back to my childhood days, when we, as kids, were encouraged to look at arts and culture.


This avid interest was fuelled by the lovely interiors of our ancestral homes.


Raindrops splashing on the Mangalore tiled roofs, the wedge of light streaming in through the courtyard, the vibrant Kathakali performances that my granddad used to take us to, all find their way into the decor of my home.



The play of light and shadow is the one feature of the house that brings depth and tranquility. My simple aesthetic instincts have already transformed the place into a harmonious, very natural, warm, friendly and inviting ambience.


My spaces do paint a picture of my personality, my interests and passions, whilst being welcoming and warm.


The centre table is from Westside’s branch in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi. We selected a coffee table style that fits our space, needs and lifestyle.


The function and how it will be used was kept in mind before buying this. Determining the use of the coffee table needs will point you in the right direction on what to select and how to accessorise it!


Having spent my formative years in Kerala, my avid interest in nature is obvious. Flowers have been my best friends since childhood. My mom’s carefully tended garden has been my playground.


My educational background in horticulture adds to the inspiration. To energise my space and I bring in splashes of color by adding flowers to the décor. In every manner possible.


19 responses to “Traditional Indian Decor: Lakshmi Arvind: Celebrations Decor”

  1. BINDU SADISH says:

    Will u be doing Interior decoration to others

  2. indiantheme says:

    Thank you.Keep up the good work.Looking forward to read more such blog.If you want to know more about indian furniture and home decoration you can visit our website.

  3. namrata says:

    nice blog. i would like to design my leaving room like this

  4. Mamta Sharma Das says:

    Its truly beautiful and warm. I feel like having a cup of chai at ur bful den.

  5. Sonam says:

    love lakshmi’s home..very simple but truly indian and colorful

    • Suma Rao says:

      Beautiful madam. i am from bangalore and we have pUrchased a 1200 sqft duplex apartment with terrace of 500sq ft. Madam , could u give me some ideas for furnishing the same. The living area is 23 ft by 11 ft. The bedrooms are about 12 ft by 11 ft. Will truly value ur ideas

  6. jayanti says:

    The appeal of trdaitional decor cannot be topped. Love the warmth of this home

  7. Lakshmi Arvind says:

    thanks Ezhil Sir for the lovely comments

  8. Ezhil Ramalingam says:

    That’s really wonderful, Lakshmi !!! The furniture and their arrangement beautifully reflect our heritage !! Congratulations !!

  9. Nayana says:

    beautiful and tiled furniture is so gorgeous…

  10. Vandana says:

    Hi Lakshmi,loved your home….it’s a picture of coziness….gives such a homely positive feel to the place…lots of good ideas…on the whole I just loved the photos….

  11. Divya@SHP says:

    Lovely lovely home Lakshmi! Absolutely gorgeous furniture :)

  12. Kala says:

    Gorgeous Lakshmi:) Love the warmth, the beautiful wood against the tile, the mural on the wall, the bursts of color…very inviting:)

  13. rama ananth says:

    Really beautiful, and i love the lotus wall.

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