Top 5 design trends

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Interior design trends

Eclectic expression:  Think that the ornate Japanese screen will not work too well with sleek modern lines of the furniture? Think again. Different perspectives will integrate well in interior design, even if it isn’t making any headway in politics. Co-existence will allow for homeowners to express various facets of their personality and style preferences. Expression and integration will be more important than theme and standard definitions.

Raghava residence featured on Prismma

Raghava residence featured on Prismma

Vintage resurgence: Grandma’s heirloom will find great company with the minimalist sideboard and the old will mingle with new more freely. There is a need to connect the past to the present, finding comfort in the timeless appeal of vintage design, while grappling with the fast-changing pace of the world we live in. Antique and vintage, traditional craft and artistry—these will find a new lease of life.


Back to nature: Integrating the outdoors with the indoors will be a predominant trend in architecture and interior design as we seek ways to connect to nature and bring it into our homes. Eco-friendly practices and sustainable design will become more important factors.

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Pattern Play: Bold is beautiful but it is not over-the-top. Floral passion, exuberant stripes and tribal prints will find their way into our homes but we will be exercising more restraint in just how much pattern should play in a space.

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Metallic flourish: Copper finishes, brass accents, silver and gold leaf, chrome and steel, brushed nickel and antique bronze—they will all have their say but with an interesting twist. Metal isn’t restricted to modern design. It will find its expression in traditional Indian furniture, ornate railings, fine detailing of accessories and surfacing materials.

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