Technology at home: Wiring and Cabling

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There are three possible scenarios that you could be faced with.

If you are building a new home then you have a clean slate to start with and the electrician can configure the wiring exactly as per your needs. Most of us have what we call a “fixed home plan” and have to work within those constraints.

If you have bought the place within the past 5-6 years chances are there is already some kind of internal cabling set-up in place either for telephone lines or cable TV. You can use this to put in your own conduits, set up your wiring and bring in add-ons as needed.

If you are in the last category of owning a home that has no such internal cabling , then you need to create a structured wiring layout.

Technology at home To do any of this, you need to know your gadgets and how you will use them. You would need to consult with at least two kind of professionals — an electrical engineer and a technology consultant. In addition to wiring, you would also need the advice of an architect/interior designer. The reason I stress the need for a technology consultant for home automation in India is because they are more familiar with all the options available, familiar with the gadgetry and are up-to-date with the market. An electrical engineer would not be so familiar with such technology and would at best know more about commercial requirements than residential. In a fast-changing world, it is always useful to know what your options are. When you have an independent smart home consultant you are also not dependent on any particular service providers and can use multiple agencies for your multimedia. They need to have access to one control panel and the rest of the wiring should be as per your plan — not theirs.

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