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Tania Designs : TV Room : Grey & Yellow

media unit


floor lamp designThe TV room and lounge area has one major drawback—a lack of natural light.

Therefore, while it was ideal for TV viewing the decor needed to be light and airy and enhance a sense of spaciousness.

The flooring which is a dark walnut hardwood was not to be changed.

Therefore, to make the room lighter, the furniture and furnishings needed to be soft and light.








drum table


A palette of grey and yellow was used as the theme given that many of the accessories and artefacts displayed in this room were a bold red..

The media unit took one entire wall and the seating was on the other wall.

Bare minimum furniture is used and the wall adjacent to the media unit has an oversized mirror to create a sense of space.

A bright red shag rug goes under the coffee table and brings in a dash of colour. Detail was used to connect the various elements of the room.

The drum table with grooves in black complement the modern chaise recliner. The unusual coffee table was added to make the space more interesting. The floor lamp is placed in a corner.

coffee table design


chaise recliner design

cushion cover


The only aspect that remains unchanged is the low height slim bookshelf that is set against one wall and has a large mirror placed above it.

The large sofa makes for comfortable viewing and has a nest of tables that is right next to it. The table lamp goes on a long slim low-height bookshelf set against one wall with a large mirror above it. Lots of framed photos and memorabilia displayed here.

sofa designs


tania interior designer indiaTania designs interiors.

Her solutions are easy to implement and based on a specified budget.

If you have a query or require help designing a room

write to

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  1. Akash says:

    nice concepts but i need to see it to understand better

  2. kk says:

    vry practical ideas which need to b implimented..

  3. hemant Gaekwad says:

    intersting concept. i like the table with wheels

  4. Raj says:

    HI , Happy Holi to team prismma……..

  5. Rina says:

    Happy Holi to all

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