The Art of Tablescapes—Vignettes

Tablescapes are an integral aspect of interior décor and can lend visual interest to even the simplest of spaces. It is however, an art in itself, and not just about putting objects together on a table.

Tablescapes–Vignettes: When you consider doing a tablescape in a room, either as part of the interior décor, or for a festive setting, the essential aspect to keep in mind is one of scale and balance. As always, less is more and editing a tabletop is the most difficult part.

The overall theme of your room would dictate the basic framework of a tablescape. Selecting each item is essential and you may need to go through several trial and error placement options before you find one that is perfect.

Odd numbers are generally preferred even if you intend to maintain a symmetrical framework. The next step is to layer the tablescape so that each element folds into another and creates a story. The layers add depth to a tablescape.

Choosing the right mix of colour and texture is the make or break of an interesting tablescape. Scale and proportion would determine the size and dimensions of objects and how they would work well together. While varying dimensions add more interest, it is important to balance the entire tablescape as one entity and view it as a sum of its parts.

Smaller items can also be grouped together. How much is enough, is largely a matter of personal taste and as long as there is an overall integration and not a cluttered assembly of items, you should be fine. Books placed as stacks always add great visual appeal and allow for varying heights for smaller object placement.

The rule of thumb is to keep everything connected and in conversation.


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  1. Kanchan says:

    didn’t think there was so much technique to display. interestng concepts

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