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Tiny tots come with tons of belongings. Kids may be pint-sized but their stuff takes up all the space we have. Yes, these tiny bundles of joy come with lots of worldly possessions. I am always amazed at how much we have accumulated in the last two years since Sara came into our lives. It started with her baby cot and tons of other stuff like a carry-cot, stroller, play gym, rattlers and balls, followed by a cupboard full of baby clothes, books and toys that her doting grandparents can’t help but buy each time they see one. It has been a constant struggle not only to make place for all these things but also to keep it well organised so that I can find them when I need and put them back in the right spot when I don’t, without making the room cluttered and the home seem as if it has been completely taken over by Sara’s belongings.

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So here are some storage solutions for kids rooms that have worked in our Casa beautifully. I am hoping each one of you reading this article will be able to pick something that will click for you too.



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• Shelves, shelves and shelves:

These are a must in every child’s room. Keep them open and accessible for a child. I had a broad rack chopped in half when Sara was born to make it into two slimmer ones. It turned out a life saver. Firstly, because I could place them along the wall in one line without taking the kind of floor space a broader one would have taken and secondly, it’s so much easier for her to pick her stuff as the shelves are not very broad and her little hands can reach all her things. In a kid’s room, an open shelf actually looks pretty as it adds just the required amount of colour if interspersed with baskets and boxes. If you can, do make use of the full vertical space available to you; use the lower ones for the things that the children need on a daily basis and higher ones towards the ceiling for décor or storage purposes. Investing in bookends is also a great idea to accommodate your little reader’s ever growing library.

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• Baskets and boxes:

There are large toys and there are tiny ones. There are crayons, pencil colours, markers and doll clothes, cars, legos, airplanes and play dough cans. The list is endless. That’s where baskets and boxes are a boon. In kids room decor–icker or woven baskets in neutral colours, palm leaf baskets in bright colours, cardboard boxes with pretty patterns on them— all work very well. I have several that sit pretty in her open shelf rack and these really help in organising all of the smaller stuff that can get lost or become messy very easily. Also, children soon realise what goes in where and they start putting their stuff back in the designated baskets all by themselves. Our favourite poem to sing after a day of playing is “Its time to put the toys away, toys away…”. Not only does this make tidying up a fun activity, its helping me inculcate good cleaning and organising habits.

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• Floor baskets with lids:

These are a godsend for all the stuff and toys that are too big to be kept anywhere else. These also work well if you’d like to keep some of their toys in a living room or a bedroom without compromising on the aesthetics of the room. No more getting up in the middle of your favourite sitcom if the little one wants that teddy to play with and wants it NOW. Just make sure that the baskets remain stable and hold their shape when they are full.

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Under the bed storage :

I am not a huge fan of this as the city that I live in has tons of dust and stowing away toys, off- season clothes, blankets or diapers under the bed creates cleaning and hygiene issues. But if your home allows, then do make full use of this space. Clear boxes with wheels work best.

Junior Rooms

Junior Rooms


• Inside the closet:

Be it T-shirts, pants, slacks or dresses, hanging them makes my job easier. It allows me to see all the clothes and the cupboard doesn’t require any cleaning up. After ironing they move straight to the hangers. It also frees up the space below to store their pyjamas, stockings, handkerchiefs and the like. For these, I go back to my well trusted baskets and cloth bags that I can hang inside the cupboard.

• Back of the door:

Don’t forget this space. You can nail a hanging wall shoerack or use it for their belts and bags.

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• Cork boards:

For all those notices/reminders from school and the precious artwork that your Picasso creates every day. It is a good option to keep the papers sorted.

There, I have shared it all. And I hope some of these tips help you in making your child’s room less cluttered, cleaning it up a breeze and enable you to “create” more space.

One more thing— don’t forget to donate all those outgrown clothes and toys that she doesn’t play with any more to charity.

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Prachi Grover studied management and worked for a couple of years until she gave it all away to follow her heart! Now, she divides her time between pursuing studio pottery, designing products, writing interior design and decor columns for magazines and running a blog! She also works as a consultant for a Dutch company (Women on Wings) Prachi loves colours and adores pretty patterns. The smell of vanilla makes her day. Gorgeous studio pottery is a big part of her life. She is also always in the middle of redoing of her home.

Check out her blog : PurpleHomes


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