Sofa design: Choosing the right type of sofa

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A sofa or couch is an integral part of interior design; in fact it is an essential part of living room design. It is also a welcome addition to other spaces like bedrooms, family rooms etc within homes as well as many areas in commercial spaces. There are different types and styles of sofas to choose from, ensuring that varied tastes and preferences are catered to.

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Sofa Design: Traditional sofas, contemporary sofas, ultra modern sofas, Victorian sofas etc are some styles of sofas. Generally, traditional sofas are two or three seaters. Arm rests may be upholstered or exposed – either curved or roll arm type. Made out of traditional materials like wood, many of the designs portray exquisite carving, embossing, paintings etc. Contemporary sofas project sleek, straight lines with or without arms and with low seats –  the base not too high from the floor. Arms may be straight and squared off (track arm). Victorian designs sport curved frames and designs popular during the Victorian era. Upholstered in beautiful fabrics, these sofas have a quaint charm.


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There are different types of sofas or couches – Sectional sofas, loveseat, chaise lounge, sofa beds and modular sofas and the usual three or two seater- sofas that may be paired with complementing arm chairs. Some like to include day beds and futons into this category. The material used may vary – wood, metal, rattan, cane, bamboo and even natural stones like marble are used to craft sofas. Sofas may be fully upholstered with cushioned seats and backs or semi-upholsterd with exposed frames. The cushions may be fitted or loose – according to the type and style.  In loose back sofas, the cushions for the back are not fitted. In tight back styles, the back is cushioned and upholstered, with or without tufting. The upholstery may be fitted or slip cover types.  Other than various types of fabric used for upholstery, leather is also used for upholstering sofas. Natural leather as well as an array of faux leather is used for sofas.


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Sectional sofas are good for accommodating more people. Some sectional sofas may be longer than 10 feet. These sofas have two or more parts (sections) and some designs incorporate a chaise longue on one end. Sectional sofas may be L or U shaped.

Loveseat is the name given to a sofa with 2 seats. This is a good option for small spaces. Loveseats may be paired with a couple of arm chairs or even large 3 seaters or sectional sofas.

Chaise longue means a long chair, in French. A chaise longue may be used to recline on as well as to support the legs of the person using it. Paired with other sofas, a chaise longue makes an interesting seating option.

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Modular sofas that are ready to pick or custom made to suit the dimensions of specific areas and to cater to specific tastes are quite popular these days.

Sofa beds (pull out types) double up as beds when required. Sleek fittings ensure hassle free and easy operation and concealed storage below the seats and back sees to it that the mattress is stored within. Many options are available these days.


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Many ultra-modern designs and futuristic designs are seen in sofas these days. A combination of materials is used to create these sofas and the designs and dimensions defy common perceptions.

Choosing a sofa should be done with utmost care, keeping in mind the design, style/theme of the space it is going to occupy.



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