Sanitary ware India: Types of wash basins for the bathroom

A wash basin/sink falls under essential sanitary ware required in a bathroom. These days there are many types and designs in wash basins that it is easy for the customer to get carried away. Before choosing a wash basin for your bathroom, do a thorough study about the various types available and see what suits the style of your bathroom as well as fits in your budget.

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Let us take a look at the types of wash basins available in the market.


Countertop basin: Countertop basins come in three different styles – drop in types (self rimming) that are dropped into a pre-cut hole in the counter/vanity; undermount basins that are mounted below the counter; above the counter type which is also known as vessel sink. In self rimming styles the worry of grime collecting between the rim and counter is present. Vessel sinks look stylish and are seen in many modern bathrooms.

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Pedestal wash basin: Pedestal sinks occupy lesser space than countertop basin and make a good choice for bathrooms with space constraints. Pedestal basins look elegant and sleek – the basin sits atop a pedestal that also serves to hide the pipe work. There are various sizes and designs available in pedestal sinks. The downside is that there is no storage facility like that enjoyed by countertop basin.

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Corner basin: Corner basins are excellent space savers and make ideal companions for tiny bathrooms. These generally come in small sizes and are good for tiny powder rooms or guest bathrooms where you do not have to worry about storage.

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Recessed wash basin: Recessed basin is also known as semi counter top basin. These are recessed into the wall and onto a countertop or vanity.

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Wall hung wash basin: Wall hung wash basins are fixed to the wall with brackets and screws or mounted on concealed mounting attached to the wall. These are space savers and they do not occupy any floor space at all.

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Storage is nil in this style as well, so these are best suited to powder rooms or bathrooms that are not used frequently. For wall hung basins you may have to think of paneling or other aesthetically appealing methods to hide the plumbing.


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