Ruh : Kapila Saigal brings soulful dining to Bangalore

restaurant bangaloreKapila Saigal is the proud owner of three restaurants in Bangalore–Chandni Chowk (Koramangala), Ruh (Sarjapur Road) and Heera (Bannerghatta Road).

When asked about how Ruh was conceptualised, Kapila says,”I have always been a hardcore foodie. I know what I like to eat as well as what I want out of the overall dining experience.”

Before you experience the fabulous food or the service at Ruh, what captivates your mind, body, and soul is the visual experience.

Reminiscent of Spanish architecture, inspired by Moroccan design and capturing the allure of Arabian mystique, this restaurant takes you on a journey into another world.


ruh bangalore restaurant

When she designed the restaurant, Kapila took the foundations of an old building and remodeled a vast expanse of that into three spectacular dimensions. Step inside and you are transported to vintage Espana, greeted by a peaceful easy feeling that needs more adjectives than there is space for.

ruh bangalore restaurant

A mysterious entrance invites you into the sandy ruins of an old fort, making it a grand setting for the perfect Arabian night. At the very the soul of the restaurant is a majestic red brick wall with stunning cathedral like arches and huge doors that beckon you inside.

Here is where the action happens, people walking around the red and black spaces shrouded in Bedouin tents, seating areas with hundreds of candles lit all around, regal leather chairs, swinging seats, and an eclectic mix of music.

ruh bangalore restaurant

What is even more interesting is that Kapila conceptualised and designed every one of her restaurants, right down to every minute detail.

ruh bangalore restaurant

She says, “I was very sure of the theme and décor I wanted for Ruh and went about voraciously fleshing it out, till the image I had for it in my head stood in all its glory before me.”

And what a spectacular result her passion has given us!!

ruh bangalore restaurant


“The colourful ambience and lights are central to all my restaurants. I believe they add character, certain flamboyance and embody a multitude of emotions that can set a place crackling with energy”

The glint and sparkle bouncing off exquisite Venetian mirrors transports you to another time and place, where the pace of life was far more leisurely even as hearts pounded with a sense of adventure and exploration.

“Like a carefully choreographed dance, a dining experience for me includes an ambience that is visually striking, attentive but not overbearing staff, and cuisine that goes beyond merely whetting the appetite but satisfies the soul. Ruh, as with my other restaurants, was a culmination of a desire to create the ultimate dining experience.”

ruh bangalore restaurant

The chefs at Ruh offer a deliciously unique cuisine, combining passionate style cooking from Spain with delicate Arabic and Persian essences and their very own flavours of India. The menu features signature dishes made with the highest quality ingredients served family style.

Lighting in an old world vintage dominates the landscape of design in Ruh. It is an integral element of creating the atmosphere of Spanish Moors. During the day, Ruh might take on an entirely different hue, because its soul really belongs to the stars.

ruh bangalore restaurant

Meeting of worlds

One of the distinct features of Ruh is the use of a cool blue and white palette outdoors in complete contrast to the warm red and gold decor indoors.

While outside we have exquisite wall lights with motifs etched in iron and lanterns of all shapes and sizes, inside the focus shifts to regal chandeliers and vintage pendant lights.

The bamboo and rustic outlines of the space outside do not quite prepare you for the regal hacienda style furniture combined with wrought iron, inside the restaurant.

“Needless to say, the ultimate result is pure magic, on the senses, as well as the taste buds.”

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  1. raj says:

    I went to Ruh last month the decor and the food is too good. Must go….

  2. reena says:

    Love the place , will be visiting whenever i m there next time, and will try to meet the owners of Ruh

  3. Mona says:

    WOW what a collection !!!! Just too good

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