Restaurant Design Basics

They say more than 60% of restaurants fail within three years of opening. Before you get into the design aspect you should consider some aspects that are likely to be the deciding factors on whether your restaurant business is a success or failure. Design does play a role, but we will get to that later.

restaurant design SHIRO17

Shiro Bangalore

Your staff will be your greatest asset. As long as they fee valued and stick around business will follow in natural course. Most restaurateurs underestimate the value of a good team.

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Oko Delhi

Restaurant Design India 

Paying attention to detail is the next thing that ensures success. Detail matters in everything from the menu to the cooking, the systematic manner in which processes are followed, paying attention to your clients needs and above all, ensuring that the nuts and blots of everything are in place.

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Rewind Bangalore


Experience helps you get a good team in place and give you the necessary training to know which details are important and why. It also keeps your costs from spiralling out of control.

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Like That Only Bangalore

The design forms an essential part of the picture— it gives you a unique identity, which is something essential both from the point of view of those that work for you and the clientele that you expect to get.

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Sonar Tori Restaurant

Restaurants are an extremely competitive business and although the quality of the food and service will largely dictate the loyalties of you clientele, it goes without saying that the ambience plays a huge role in creating a comfortable setting for dining.

There are three things that will play a predominant role in designing a restaurant:

The location and immediate environment.

The cuisine you intend to serve.

The clientele you hope to attract.

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Punjabi by Nature

You need to have a clear idea how these three aspects will integrate with your overall design and décor. These are inputs you need to give the architect or interior designer you hire for the restaurant design.

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Park Plaza Faridabad

It’s always good to have a budget in mind before you start the design process, but more important is knowing exactly what you are hoping to achieve not just in terms of visual appeal but also giving due consideration to functionality, flow of movement and ergonomics.

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