Rajee’s stylish home in Gurgaon

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We bought our apartment about  a year ago and the very second day,our container load arrived from Navi Mumbai. With all the things that make our home special, no matter where in the world we may be moving. These are 11 yrs. of collecting to make a home and not waiting for ‘the home’, to start collecting. Home in Gurgaon
As you can see ,it is a home filled with things we love, somehow everything has a story in our home. And I may say this again, that being from an army family,the style in my house is very fauji.There is something from everywhere we have been and loads of family pieces … from my side and my husbands side of the family.
Since we are just about settling down,the house is all about projects to be done … we still have to add our kind of colors to the walls … and because the furniture gets moved and shuffled around in rooms everytime we have moved … now is the time we are slowly trying to put the permutation-combination right. It will be a while before all the frames and painting that get moved around, finally find their right place.
It is a home that I know will get more cosy and warm as the years go by … the style refliecting our personalities and passions.In the meanwhile, I am out to get the right curtains this time.

70 responses to “Rajee’s stylish home in Gurgaon”

  1. Jeff says:

    Great stuff !!!!

  2. satyenhacks says:

    really this is awesome..home…I must make some changes..in mine one..

  3. Nithasha Latif says:

    Love Rajee’s blog and home for the tasteful colours that are sober but somehow with her arrangement of all the things she loves and displays, the effect is exuberant and her love for life comes through…my vote is for Rajee!

  4. sujathapratap says:

    lovely and classy display. needless to say my vote is surely for you. i wish you luck.

  5. libby says:

    Love the way you mix various styles. It looks beautiful!

  6. homestilo says:

    Love the composition and pieces in image #22. you have my vote!

  7. Sriparna says:

    Hey Rajee! I have a confession to make… Have been one of your ardent secret admirers for the longest time! Absolutely love your style! And now when it’s time for you to win this, I just had to come out in the open :) Vote for you a 100 times! Hope they take that into account!! :) Love & luck to you always!

  8. TD says:

    same here – dying to see the pics – could see the pics of all other links except yours…..

  9. sonali koshy says:

    For some reason, I can see the write up, but not complete and no pictures….but am voting a huge Yes, since I know your home must be the epitome of elegance. Dying to see the pics though…:(

  10. srija says:

    Iam eager to see the pics of Rajee’s home, but except for the write up, I do not see any pictures. Ihave been trying for the last couple of days.

  11. Rajee’s style is elegant, timeless and impeccable. I enjoy the way she layers art and accessories around her home. In every photo, there is so much to learn from (and so many steal-worthy ideas!).

  12. shalini says:

    Love your home Rajee. The elegance and refinement is there everywhere you look. The picture wall is such an unexpected and contemporary element to the room.

  13. Beautiful and elegant. Thumbs up Rajee….:-)

  14. Anita says:

    Well done Rajee – the classy fauji style manifests itself beautifully ! Keep excelling in every front!
    From one fauji to another…

  15. Naveena says:

    Lovely home Rajee… super like !!!!!

  16. amerjit says:


  17. Shanthi says:

    lovely home Rajee. Wow beautiful knick knacks. And sure one day I would I would like to have a tea break with you in those lovely settings :-)

  18. sreelu says:

    Rajee love your home such clean,crisp,green and open home ,my kind

  19. Bhumika says:

    Classy and very impressive Rajee! I vote for you.

  20. Maneesha says:

    Always loved how tradition is married to modernity in your home, Rajee! Your home always looks so welcoming, comforting, and classy chic at the same time! You have my vote!

  21. Sunita says:

    If this is ‘fauji style’, Rajee, I think we have to thank the Forces for more than just keeping us secure. So elegant! And I love all that greenery.

  22. Swati says:

    Lovely home, Rajee! Love the beautiful artefacts you have collected. Very unique

  23. Sonam says:

    What a fabulous home !! Love it !!

  24. Priya says:

    You will always have my vote, Rajee! You have a beautiful home!

  25. arundati says:

    gorgeous and so classy. voted!

  26. purplehomes says:

    stunning and classy just like what would expect from a talented woman like you. love your personal touches and all those pretty pots..

  27. hey really nice work.my vote goes to you dear gurgaon mom!

  28. Lavanya says:

    Absolutely stunning !

  29. Pavana says:

    Love your home! Very stylish furniture and your home reflects all the love and care taken to make it a ‘home’.

  30. Neha Gupta says:

    Perfect ! You are an inspiration to me ! :)

  31. Nayana says:

    Very Beautiful, elegant,charming house.love it…

  32. shilpa says:

    Lovely home Rajee,so elegant and inviting…you have such an unique and wonderful brass and pottery collection..seroiusly i can spend hours admiring them:)

  33. brinda nilesh says:

    hello rajee
    have been a regular follower of ur lovely blog….!!
    gr8 to see ur elegant, royal home here!!
    my best wishes.

  34. Superb Rajee ! All the energy and love you have put in shines through.

  35. Pritika Sharma says:

    Beautiful and artistically decorated home, with interesting vignette to keep the eyes interested. Great job Rajee.

  36. Richa says:

    beautiful beautiful… perfect home to live in. Does commenting count as a vote??

  37. A beautiful and lovely home reflecting the elegance and refinement of the Indian soul from a thousand years of a country’s exquisite art and history. My vote is for you!

  38. Tulika Gupta says:

    Hi Rajee! Beautiful home as expected. But anxious to see how you’ve done up your kitchen and bedrooms…
    Great work! YOu’ve got to be the winner! Obviously, my vote goes to you!

  39. Chandan says:

    Two thumbs up for Rajee’s wonderful, classic and truly elegant home…!

  40. kamlesh says:

    great work

  41. Sonia says:

    Cheers to you Rajee…..You definitely hav my vote for the most stylish, elegant and decadent home…a natural extension of your personality. I simply love the light and airy feel indoors…the perfect balance of colors, along with generous amounts of whites,,,,there is a special touch to everything in there, that can only be yours. Love….Love …love it to bits…. Go girl !!!!

  42. Bhavna says:

    Classic style that’s elegant as well as inviting. Rajee, I am moving in! 😉

  43. shivangi says:

    very elegant!!…beautiful collection of artefacts…but the balcony area design is simply Divine!!!!



  44. Jean Wethmar says:

    Go Rajee….. a SURE WINNER!! You have a very beautiful home filled with sooooooooooo many gorgeous things.. well done.. I’ve voted for you for sure! x Jean Wethmar – Brisbane

  45. Rahul Sharma says:

    Woah, and how……….

    Straight out of a dream sequence….. Lovely is an understatement….

    Brilliant !!!!!!!! Way to go…..

  46. Gurmeet says:

    Love the setting, i am over to delhi next week, will be staying with you guys …


  47. savita says:


  48. divya says:

    Since i love to decorate my home with choicest stuff, i can say yours is a very elegant and stylishly done home. Truly inspiring!

  49. savita says:


  50. arvind says:

    big thumbs-up!

  51. Rohitashwa Bhadani says:

    Lovely interior Rajee :)… Beautiful :)

  52. shalini says:

    very welcoming home love your table lamps ..for all of us with fauji parentage…love the shells too….

  53. Emreen says:

    Beautiful ,gorgeous home… Love the gold frames.. and lovely flower arrangements… !!

  54. Aneesha says:

    love the place…very classy and chic :)…and I think it has a considerable fauji influence. I particularly like what you’ve done with the balcony…it looks like the perfect place for a coffee morning. Voted!

  55. vasudha says:

    the best house on the list of stylish homes so far….i can see the title in ur house for sure….all the best!!!!love ur home

  56. The most gorgeous, stunning and elegant home I have ever seen!…VOTED!!!

  57. sharon says:

    A very elegant home, Rajee. I think you win this event, hands down!:)

  58. Geetha says:

    Yes to my kind of style! Voted!

  59. madhu says:

    Simply gorgeous house. My vote is for Rajee.

  60. Rajee, your home is so beautiful!!!! Love your style!!!

  61. Very pretty and elegant Rajee! Voted :-)

  62. Rama says:

    Very Pretty!

  63. Disha says:

    Oh Rajee, I was just waiting for ur home’s picture…but I can see the title “Rajee’s Stylish home” but unable to see your home’s pictures.
    Voted :-)))))

    • Rajee Sood says:

      Woooow! … thanks Disha… such love is unbelieveable. Hope you try refreshing. I too waitied for about an hour for things to popup all in one go … but truly thanks a ton. You made my day.

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