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Delhi interior designer and stylist Rajee Sood is a well-known name in the design blogging community. Late last year, she launched her collection of curated home decor accessories and furnishings that reflect her impeccable taste and style.

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Interior designer, homemaker, travel buff, photographer and gardening enthusiast, Rajee Sood wears many hats and effortlessly so. To most of us in décor cyberspace, she is a well-known name and her cheerful spirit always leaves a smile on your face.

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This is usually accompanied by a sense of admiration for her design style, which she shares with her readers on her popular blog—Styling with Rajee Sood. Prismma featured her home as part of a stylish homes contest last year and you can read more about it here.

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Her beautiful house in Gurgaon, where she lives with her husband, little daughter and two dogs, is testimony to the fact that she has an eye for detail and is immensely talented. She has travelled extensively across India as well as around the world with her husband.

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While we could do an entire feature on her talent as an interior designer, the focus here is on another adventure she recently embarked on.

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Rajee has been blogging about styling and design for over three years. Interaction with the readers led to the dream of an online store. She tested the waters by doing a soft-launch of her first line of Kantha textiles on the blog and the response was tremendous.

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Thereafter, there was no looking back. Rajee made her own website burning midnight oil and launched her own store- Rajee Sood Home in October 2011, thoroughly enjoying every aspect of it.

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Rajee Sood Home is virtual treasure trove of all things beautiful; cushions in vibrant colors, Indian vintage and antique pieces, textiles, hardware, boxes, trays, frames, lanterns, candles, crockery, brass foot-scrubbers and exquisite pieces to do up your home or for gifting.

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Customised packaging as well as delivery all over India is undertaken. This is called hassle-free shopping from the comforts of your home— what more could you ask for?

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 “At Rajee Sood Home, you can shop for your line of cushions—we have a vibrant colour range. For the first time, you can shop for Indian vintage pieces, in our antiques and vintage section. We also have gorgeous finds in our hardware section, and of course textiles that are our evergreen products. My favourites are the boxes and trays—two of my favourite things to use in décor and styling.”

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The distinctive feature is that Rajee Sood makes online shopping a beautiful experience as she interacts with her customers via email, giving them decorating tips and sometimes helping them choose pieces for their home on request. Customers love to go shopping with an interior designer and Rajee loves what she does and wouldn’t have it any other way— so it’s a win-win situation for both.

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“The most precious moments at Rajee Sood Home are when we get requests to ship special gifts. If they are special for a customer, they are special for us. We help them select gifts, gift wrap them and have them shipped. I love to keep the human touch in everything we do and exchange of e-mails helps our customers feel comfortable to share their thoughts with me.”

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Rajee attributes her design sensibilities and her love for beautiful things to her army background, a mother who is very house-proud and to her travels. Her personal style statement—things do not have to be matched but learn to coordinate.  She credits her love for gardening to her father.

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 “As an interior designer, my favourite part of a project is the final installation when all the accessories and accent pieces move in. I have been blogging about styling and design for the last three years. And my readers frequently ask me where I source the pieces they would see on my blog. After these many years, I felt I was ready to offer a lot more to my readers, and that was how the dream of Rajee Sood Home took root in my heart. I tried so see if my readers were ready for my next venture, by launching my first line of Kantha Textiles from the blog. I was surprised and amazed by the response I got; such trust in my talent gave the right shot of adrenalin rush to sit up late nights and build my own website and subsequently launch the store.”

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This amazingly talented interior designer has more plans in the pipeline. Shipping all over the globe and reaching out to people beyond borders should happen in the near future. As Rajee says, “I am a silly romantic who over-fantasises the idea of the global village, and I’d love to have a store in that village.” Well, nothing is impossible Rajee, so here’s to that dream!

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“I am told it is fun to go shopping with an interior designer and I have to say the feeling is mutual. I absolutely love doing it this way and won’t have it any other way.”

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  1. Sara Malik says:

    Love the boxes and the quilt covers. Where can i get these from? Boxes are my obsession…cant resist buying boxes.

  2. jayanti says:

    I like the range of things she has available. Interesting and unique

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