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Playschool interior design: Adarshila Vatika by Spaces Architects

playschool interior design

Adarshila Vatika is a school designed with an emphasis on visual education, enabling young children to learn by analysis and observation, encouraging a process where they learn with fun. An existing structure was redesigned to maintain functional requirements.

playschool interior design

Playschool interior design


The elevation was kept largely intact and the original structure formed the core of he new facility with all rooms having plenty of ventilation. Corridors connect all the spaces centering on the courtyard.

playschool interiors

Interior Design India: The hexagonal structure encircles an open courtyard which serves as a secure playground for children. rather than forms drawn for fairy tales the elevation focussed on shapes and forms. The use of colour is uniform and connected. The landscape was an integral part of the design element.

playschool interior design

The classroom areas have large windows overlooking the corridor and exterior spaces forming a visual link between two spaces. It makes the space quite interactive where children from different class and parents can have view of classroom activities, expanding the teaching areas.

playschool interior design


Designed by Spaces Architects, Delhi



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  1. Anand Tiwari says:

    nice.. i m opening a Primary school at my home town. will you plz suggest me some useful information for the same.


  2. Jagannath says:

    your designing is very impressive and attractive. Will you be interested to work on a play school interiors at Calicut, Kerala. Anticipating a favorable response.

  3. sameer prabhakar says:

    i want decorate my play school class rooms.

  4. farooq ahmad says:

    we have two hall each 1000 sq feet.we are running play school tehsil contact no.09927636614. can u suggest some idea and ur charges.

  5. Dr. Carina Ahmed says:

    We have a new upcoming school in Assam Tinsukia would be very happy if you could send us a few samples of designs free of cost initially to get an idea
    Thank you

  6. krishan says:

    we are running play school in bareilly can u suggest some desigining and ur charges…?

  7. Nitin goel says:

    We are running play school and planning to open one more in delhi can u suggest some design for the same and how much u will charge for designing .

  8. Kalpesh says:

    can u send me some free samples for smaller clasrooms of 120 sq ft rooms approx.

  9. Kanchan says:

    very well designed school. have not seen any school like it.

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