Pendant light fixtures that transform an interior space

Pendant lights create a lot of visual interest in a room as well as being an important aspect of designing an interior space. They can be used to accentuate a space in many ways and also serve as a source of lighting for that area. Often the light fixture becomes the focus point of the room and draws the eye upward thereby enlarging the visual effect of a space. Check out our compilation of some interesting pendant light fixtures and their varying effects on the overall aesthetics and visual dimensions of a room.

pendant light design Romanoff 1      decorating guide large banner

Pendant light fixture in a study room. Creating a point of focus in the room visual. Wall coverings by Maya Romanoff

HOMETOURS BANNER     chandellier design PEBBLEBAY33

A dramatic pendant light fixture in the dining room designed by  Bangalore architects Grey Scale  for a residence in Pebble Bay, Bangalore.

pendant light design APARTMENT911   hire an architect small banner

Pendant lighting can be used very effectively in a living room corner space as shown here in a space designed by Delhi design firm Apartment 9

wall cladding design PEBBLEBAY27  outdoor furniture castellsonclaret36

The entrance of the home and the area beneath the staircase is given a dramatic design using a water feature and Buddha artefact combined with a spectacular pendant light in the Pebble Bay residence by Grey Scale Architects in Bangalore.

Lantern pendant lights highlight the outdoor terrace dining area in the Mallorca heritage resort Castell Son Claret


colour interior FATTYBAO8   walk in wardrobe design KOUROS25

Custom designed colourful pendant light fixtures draw you attention to the ceiling in the uniquely designed Fatty Bao restaurant.

The ultra modern Kouros Boutique Hotel in Mykonos, Greece has a pendant light in every room.

Design Authors 30  bathroom design park19

Delhi interior designer Richa Mahajan of Design Authors used a pendant light fixture in this modern dining room to create visual interest in an otherwise minimalist area.

The bathroom in the Park Plaza in Faridabad are extremely modern and the pendant light fixtures warmth to the minimalist space.


  pendant lights design SHALIMARSPICE19   architect banner

Shalimar Spice Resort in Thekkady by Amritara has Moroccan lantern style pendants to create a warm interior in the lobby area.

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