Patricia’s Stylish Home in Dubai

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We moved into this rented house a year ago with an attempt to make it ‘a home’. I love colours ~ anywhere!! Everywhere!! And we hope our home reflects warmth, love and, happiness with the colours we use. Fusion is my décor style. If my eyes and heart like something, it comes home with me, and I hope to find it a place of prominence.  Home in Dubai


Our home is spacious enough to play cricket in the living room on weekends, and at the same time its cosy enough to accommodate all our friends. I am a strong believer of ‘de-cluttering’. For me De-clutter = De-stress!! Which means, my favourite pastime is cleaning, clearing and sorting. Hence my daughters (aged 8 & 6) & I are super conscious about having a clutter free, spick and span home.

Which means, there is nothing extraordinary about our home… It’s a mix of love & laughter..

I love to paint walls. Having said that, the walls of our home are currently bare, and we hope to paint them and complete decorating and designing our home soon. Once I’m done, I hope to show you my complete home!! *smiles*

100 responses to “Patricia’s Stylish Home in Dubai”

  1. Babita says:

    Beautiful… guess thats why its called Home Sweet Home…you have my vote Patty hun.

  2. Shanthi says:

    The home reflects the vibrancy in you and here is my vote Patty

  3. Meena Menon says:

    I will neva eva cease to stop falling in luv despite the no of times u hv posted most of them! Luved it!

  4. My3 says:

    Very nice Patty. Love the use of lotus and pictures.

  5. Preeti says:

    Wow! Patty, you have an amazing place. I love the peacock first in place followed by the rest….I admire all your collection. Your girls are lucky to have a mum with such an eye for decor!!

  6. Disha says:

    Patricia, I love your decor style n your home a lot.

  7. Mohan....... says:

    Hi Patricia… 1st Congratulation to have a beautiful Den of your own…Waw I Liked the decor but still something is missing somewhere… What ? Im not abled to Identify…(next time pl click with little aeriel view.. I feeel)… Liked the extreme Peacock decor(#21)- extreme energy… comming home with lots of energy & brighteness to overpour the darkness & the lotus pose Buddha(#8)- touches the mind & gives a sense of peace to mind & awkens the soul…This is my heartfelt & sincere comments JAI HO…..

  8. Emreen says:

    Beautiful home patty !!! Love the buddha corner… the covered wall… little knick-knacks… !!

  9. Richa says:

    My many comments. It took me a while to reach the end of the page to write my comment. :-)

    Beautiful home you have Patty. Adding a personal touch and flavour to every corner….wonderful.

    And I love your peacock wall………love it totally. So nicely done. Congrats Patty! :-)

  10. Simran says:

    BEAUTIFUL house Patty!! Love love love the decor and i agree with GB that your house seems so artistic and de-cluttered. :) Keep bringing us more pictures please.

  11. Patty has a lovely home and a fabulous blog. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

  12. GB says:

    Love love love Patty’s colorful home—I like that she always has some new design theme on her mind and it always looks so good in her home. Drool over her current lotus obsession! (big plus–her home never looks cluttered!!)

  13. Jameel Shah says:

    Hey Pats thats a lot of hard work in planning, designing and implementing everything and the outcome is absolute fantabulous and very lovely!

    You definately have my vote in! :)

  14. Nayana says:

    Patty, ur home is gorgeous specially love photo wall and peacock wall in dining room.

  15. brinda nilesh says:

    hello patty
    so wonderful to see ur lovely home feature here!!
    and i too am a big believer in DE CLUTTER-DE STRESS therapy!!
    best wishes!!

    p.s.coveting ur ‘jhoola’ big time…!!lovely!!;)

  16. Chrysalis says:

    Love it!!! The small details are enchanting and the peacock so bold and magnificient!

  17. ashish says:

    very b’ful house….. very tastefully decorated.

  18. Jai says:

    Hi Pats, Feel a lot of touch of Rajasthan..Warm, colorful and Rich!! When is cricket match scheduled for the Rajasthan Royals.. :-)

  19. Lata Godwani says:

    Hey Patricia, Nice, colorful, warm beautiful HOME!! Just loved it!!

  20. saheli says:

    awsome Decor patty.luv the peacock,so unique.really a visual vote for sure,but hw to vote?let me know.

  21. Sharath says:

    Creativity is overflowing everywhere – Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, kids room, parents room. You have not even spared the staircase, entrance and garden.
    Everything is so beautiful including the people living in there. My vote is definitely to you Sis.

  22. We all know Patty You have a lovely home and a very nice decor taste and style….My vote goes to you:)

  23. saheli says:

    awsome decor.luv the peacock.really a visual vote for sure,but how to vote?let me know.

  24. Indu says:

    Undeniably unique!! So much like you.. You have my vote Pat!

  25. Lamat says:

    Love the antique furniture and esp the charkha!

  26. Rijo Raphael says:

    PATTY! Saw pictures of your place when it was only Four Walls and now looking at what you have in place serves reminder of how much pain you took into making that “HOUSE” a “HOME”

    LOVE IT!!

  27. Vikas J says:

    You have reminded me of that wonderful saying, “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.”

    I have been to your previous place, love the personal its and bits that turn a dry place into something so LIVELY.

    But i am still on the outlook for the stick-men tribe!!

  28. Swaathi says:

    You have the midas touch, turning everything you touch, beautiful :) Be it your walls, your DIY, your plant decor or your home, they are all totally gorgeous !! Your photography & the way you write, are awesome too & inspire all of us a lot :) Love everything you do, Patz :)

  29. Tara says:

    Its a warm and beautiful home.. so is the person whose creativity is behind all this effort.
    Here is my vote for this so well done home.

  30. You always have my vote Patricia :)

  31. Amit Pateria says:

    Stunning!! You always have my vote!

  32. Pat, Such a gorgeous home! Love all the pics here! Will catch up on your blog posts soon too :)

  33. Sheethal Govindan says:

    As someone who adores fusion, right from music to ambiance, i love the pieces you’ve used and how you’ve managed to find th perfect place for each of them.. its like they were meant to be! There seems to be something eyecatching in every corner! That dining room?….where oh where did you find that peacock?!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the no clutter concept.. always makes me feel like i can breath easier!! You are an inspiration!

  34. ayesha says:

    lovely home Pat!

  35. Aneesha says:

    You have a really pretty place Patricia! Very warm, cost and tasteful :)…a true ‘home’! u have my vote!

  36. Priya says:

    Beautiful home, Patty! Loved it!

  37. Jane Nazareth says:

    It is absolute superb and vibrant…………Patty you have a fantastic taste. It is a beautiful house

  38. Jane Nazareth says:

    It is absolute superb and vibrant…………Patty you have a fantastic taste

  39. Sunil Savio says:

    Wonderful home!! Vote!!

  40. padmaja says:

    I love the smallest details that you have attended to in your home.. full of warmth and love.. as much as you are Pat!

  41. Indrani says:

    An excellent source of ideas, always with brilliant presentations.
    Love your site. :)

  42. Shubashree says:

    Love your home Patty! Do you hear me……. I am coming! I am coming!

  43. vasudha says:

    as rekha rightly points out….ur house is as warm as u r…reflects ur humble personality….here’s the vote dear..

  44. Anamika says:

    The hues,the contrasts, the co-ordinations ….everything is so beautifully synchronised. There’s a rutic charm and yet a modern touch …. Its a house “one” would want to come back to at the end of the day, when the sun goes down !!! Very Beautiful, Patricia !! Love every nook and corner of your house :-)

  45. Pretty home Patty.. I love the way you have added Indian flavour to your home, Nice and impressive.

  46. Charitha Seemakurti says:

    Beautiful home, inviting and intriguingly setup!

  47. Sadaf says:

    tradition and style… beautiful blend!!

  48. Vineeta says:

    This is such a beautiful and elegant home. I love the intelligent way in which she has used colour. And one of the few homes that is truly classy & ethnic. Its a tricky combination to achieve. My vote goes to this home.

  49. Debanuj says:

    Awesome home built with loads of love n passion. God bless!

  50. Daisy says:

    Lovely home… very, very beautiful… from the Indian National Bird to the National Flower to the National Flag… All too good! Just love it… :)

  51. prateek says:

    really amazing!!

    Hats off :)
    And yeah that peacock is really beautiful… 😀

  52. Rosemary says:

    It’s amazing how much thought and creativity has gone into each element of your home…it’s elegant, tasteful, fun and unique – absolutely, tremendously and effortlessly gorgeous.

    You have my vote…as if there was ever a doubt.

  53. Suddhasheel Ghosh says:

    Nicely taken photos!

  54. Lovely , cheerful home.every space is so very for you :)

  55. Veena says:

    Great job! Your home looks gorgeous, exudes warmth and tons of character!

  56. Abha says:

    A source of inspiration! Best of luck!

  57. purplehomes says:

    hv always loved your home..the way you go about putting every room together…and making it a warm & much loved home from just a house

  58. RATHANBABU says:

    Lovely HOME.Every corner is nicely presented in “MERA BHARATH MAHAN”..Thanks for holding Indian flag high in DUBAI..Ratan

  59. Muzammil says:

    THe house looks awesome!! love it!!

  60. Jane Lopena says:

    Wow! At first i thought it was only a rendition in 3D but later browsing made me say WOW!…it’s real!!! Love it!

  61. Ceril/ Chunky says:

    Absolutely Awesome!!!

  62. Beautiful home, Patty!!! Every corner is magnificent!!

  63. Alex Ceaus says:

    Love it :-) Love it :-) love it :-)

  64. Kala says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous home Patty. I love all of the special finds that you have tucked away in every corner, it reflects your personality so well. I vote for you:):)

  65. Swati Seth says:

    I’ve seen beautiful corners of this gorgeous home many times on your blog, Patty. Can go through the pictures again n again yet never get bored. I am in love with your home.:)

  66. Shabna says:

    Patty…love your home…sure got my vote…

  67. shalini says:

    Love your home Patricia. You’ve created a wonderful space, warm, elegant and whimsical.

  68. Radhika Sagar says:

    Amazing!!! Love the colours and the ‘chakra’ and the cushions! Expect to come and play cricket some day in the living room :-) You have my vote.

  69. Davina Castelino says:

    loved the entire place…Very well decorated…

  70. Mohammad Jaffri says:

    Absolutely wicked….you got my vote :)

  71. sharon says:

    Lovely pictures Pats! They ‘talk’ about the beautiful, colorful personality that belongs to their owner, and her warm heart that loves her family and extended family! Enjoyed looking over your pics again…and I especially loved the garden corner!

  72. Dear Patty

    You have a lovely home. It is very aesthetic. Love the charkha…….



  73. U have my vote too Patricia. Gorgeous home…:-)

  74. Stunning home!..filled with lots of love, warmth, colours and happiness !!….VOTED..!!!

  75. Michelle says:

    I love how everything blends together. It’s like every corner of this house has a story to tell. I’m inspired!

  76. Lesley says:

    This is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen… The use of colours is just awesome!!! *thumbs up*

  77. Inspiring Interiors!Lovely home! My vote for you.

  78. Alita says:

    This home is truly beautiful.. Filled with lots of love & happiness… :-)

  79. erica says:

    Love the ethnic furniture. you have my vote. your home is as inviting as you my dear.

  80. Satya Venkat says:

    Fantastik and a well done “HOME”. good luck!

  81. rama ananth says:

    Awesome Patricia, your home is so beautiful, first time I am seeing everything together. It is very beautiful.

  82. Nithya says:

    Being a regular visitor to this house, who knows better than me about this house. I love each and everything (and everyone) in this house…for me truely this is a home away from my home…Its so special ….Its so so beatiful..

  83. Anu Thomas says:

    Autorickshaws on cushions….. yeah I simply love it. Three cheers for your lovely home.

  84. Mohammed Hussain says:

    Very well set up.. !! Magnificent..!! :)

  85. Neb says:

    I’m expecting to be invited for the next weekend living room cricket session!!!;)
    Lovely home Pat!

  86. Bhavna says:

    ‘One’ not ‘in’! Though I would also love to be ‘In’ this space! 😉

  87. Bhavna says:

    In of my favorite spaces in the blogland! :)

  88. Omar says:

    Wow, looks really nice! Vote for sure!

  89. Geetha says:

    Yes I am voting! You have to invite us all now! Just joking! :-) Beautiful!

  90. Unni says:

    Hey Pat, You make me jealous!! That’s a pretty home but then that’s how it has always been. Great work and excellent photography too :-)


  91. Anpu says:

    What a home! Beautiful, creative, warm, cosy, eclectic, clean…running out of adjectives to describe your home, Patty…:-)

  92. Patty, you always have my vote and you have a stunning and warm home!

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