Cheers: Party decor Ideas

If you entertain often and feel that you need a better organisation of space that allows guests to enjoy, maintains your personal space and caters to all the functional requirements of hosting a good party, then here are some tips that may help. Party decor Ideas

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Party decor ideas by Chris Nease


  • You may have to move around the seating, depending on the number of guests you are likely to have.
  • There should be space for people to move around and interact with everyone.
  • Rearrange the seating to create cosy corners and maintain the open space for movement.


  • Lay out the snacks on a round table or console that is within easy reach and is nicely decorated.
  • Keep a nest of tables handy so that you can place them near the seating areas when required.
  • Keep your coffee table as a showpiece rather than a dumping ground for snacks and glasses.
  • Having a trolley around is most helpful.

hire an architect small bannerBar

  • This is mandatory if you entertain frequently. Check that you have different types of glasses, stirrers, napkins and accessories apart from the alcohol, beverages and extras such as olives, cherries, lime slices.
  • Keep stools or chairs nearby for those who tend to hug the bar area.
  • Try and find out what everyone prefers to drink so that you can keep those things accessible.


  • Your dining seating will probably not cater for more than 6-8 guests so remove all the chairs and create a nice display in the centre with the food as a buffet.
  • Move the chairs so that they can become part of an additional seating area that you ‘planned’.
  • Create a setting that is pleasing to the eye. People remember that as much as they appreciate the food.
  • Create another area for dessert unless you have enough help to clear out things.


Powder room

  • This is likely to be used by almost everyone. Put some flowers and candles. Light a diffuser. A good set of hand towels is always a great idea.

Open areas

  • If you have a lawn or a balcony make sure you dress that up as well. People, especially the smokers, are likely to drift there frequently—a nice ambience keeps them connected to the party inside.

Music and dance

  • Music sets the pace and if you are likely to have people dancing around make sure to plan for that in advance. Keep it far away from the bar and make sure those who are trying to have a conversation can continue to do so even when others are dancing.

These basic tips should help you throw a party at the drop of a hat.


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