Functional art by Artitude in Bangalore

Online Shopping India: Artitude was launched a few months ago, by sisters Nidhi and Nishtha Agarwal. The basic concept being that art does not have to be just a painting or a photograph, to be hung on the wall. Art can be functional as well, and then was born “Functional Art – alias ARTITUDE”. Our home decor products are a heady cocktail of functionality, enthused with artistic sensibilities. Our mantra being – “Art with an Attitude”


Our current range is called “Sunrise in the woods” wherein we have beautiful cut work motifs, done on wood veneer, which glow as lamps when lit, along with being multi functional. The lamp is also a table, or a pedestal or a book shelf.

We have wall arts, which light up as lamps or in another product, the wax shell of candle becomes the canvas for a watercolor artist. There are bookshelves which mimic the dialog box of a comic strip and we call them the talking shelf.


Currently retailing through a boutique light store in Bangalore called “Sunshine Boulevard” also in talk with many online shopping platforms like Shopo. The price list that I am attaching is the retail price at “sunshine boulevard”. Store address Bungalow # 5, 8th main road, 4th block Koramangala


Nidhi Agarwal – 09845367746

Nishtha Agarwal – 09535193550



2 responses to “Functional art by Artitude in Bangalore”

  1. sonam says:

    love the products. is it available in mumbai ?

  2. srija says:

    I love the piece in the 8th snap. Was wondering if the cutwork done part opens up to have a storage.

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