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Asian and far-eastern civilisations have always believed that massages are therapeutic. These massage therapies have their roots in spiritual treatments which are almost always holistic. In fact the word “massage” is Greek in origin, meaning “to touch”. Buongthangmawi Khawbung, Director of Aeropagus Spa, believes, “Touch is such a powerful healer that it can move mountains. Here, at Areopagus, it de-stresses hormones, diminishes pain and spurts the immune system”

Mumbai Spa Design

Areopagus Spa in Mumbai can best be described as a luxurious escape from the urban jungle that we live in. Its interiors are designed to transport you into a world of tranquility and stillness, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The gurgling sound of flowing water and the soft whisper of sweet oriental music gives you a feel of oriental warmth and hospitality which is the basis of Japanese culture. The spas are equipped with steam, jacuzzi with spinal and foot water jets, and of course, the signature therapies.

Areopagus Spa– “The Temple of Healing” offers various signature body massages which work to promote, maintain and restore health. The power of Touch is such a potent healer, that it has the ability to revive an energy depleted body. Rooted in tradition, with techniques incorporated from Japan and China, Areopagus is not just the pioneer of high-end Japanese day spas in India, but also a rapidly expanding franchise, with four branches in Mumbai.



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