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10U is a design collective based in Mumbai headed by entrepreneur Sankalpp Pardeshi. Focusing on interior design and furniture, 10U offers luxury solutions for the home with ‘Absolute Opulence’ being their defining credo. Mumbai Interior Designer

profile-SankalppUnabashedly offering over the top extravagance in design coupled with a love for playing with creative concepts that are out of the box. Sankalpp has worked in several fields for about five years before deciding to embark on this journey in design. His versatility combined with entrepreneurial skills and sharp business acumen have led to the firm acquiring an interesting portfolio in a very short span of time.

Here, Sankalpp shares a recent residential project in Mumbai. This three bedroom apartment at the Oberoi Grande JVLR has a carpet area of 1600 square feet. Owned by the Shettys, the brief given to 10U was definitive and straightforward — practical and functional design combined with a high dose of drama and luxury. Underlining ease of maintenance as a factor.

A family of four with two teenage daughters, the Shettys gave Sankalpp and his team a virtually free hand when it came to all the design aspects and were confident that the 10U team would be able to transform the space to reflect contemporary definitions with an underlying element of luxury.

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This was a turnkey project with every inch of the apartment being renovated and redesigned. The layout was approved pretty much in its initial format, with minor changes here and there.

living room sofas-sankalpp

The living room which is a rectangular room of approximately 600 square feet opening to a balcony of about 100 square feet had to be divided into the living space and a dining area.

balcony design sankalpp

wallpaper sankalpp

The idea was to create a family lounge with the furniture placed for maximum view of the media and entertainment unit. The media unit itself was completely built on site, the top half of the unit clad with walnut veneer with silver grains embedded in it. The bottom half houses the blue ray player, amplifier and set top box, with wooden louvers for easy access by remotes. The media unit is given an interesting surface finish with white snake-skin textured sheets.The entire apartment flooring is in Antique Beige Italian Marble — one of Sankalpp’s favourites.

interior design india sankalpp

The couch is a bespoke design made in-house. The design is decidedly modern with detailing in the form of welting, steel legs and contrasting upholstery.

false ceiling design sankalpp

Fabrics are given an added dimension with the colourful decorative cushions in various patterns and textures. The white sofa base further highlights every detail.

modern interior sankalpp

The round cocktail table in stainless steel has a high gloss white finish and motifs cut out using laser technique; the same motif is used throughout the living room wall and passage corridor. A faux buck skin rug in brown, white and beige is used to further define the living space and add warmth.

dining room design sankalpp

The dining sideboard in walnut veneer was designed to create ample storage for crockery. The dining area also has an interesting ceiling which was a creative attempt with new materials. The ceiling was made with plywood and clad with customised hand painted cork sheets. The base was a rustic brown and the designer had silver beige flowers painted on them. To enhance the beauty of these cork sheets the design team used a wine coloured Czech crystal chandelier which serves as a major point focus in the room.

walldecor sankalpp

The wall adjacent to the dining table is covered with mirror panelling with Led lights at the bottom and top. This infuses an element of glamour and luxury while also opening up the living space and making it look more expansive. The table itself is made of a beautiful tiger striped brown stone engraved with laser cut steel and chairs inspired by Louis Vuitton suede fabric.

flooring india sankalpp

The passage corridor leads to three bedrooms and powder room — all the doors clad in walnut veneer sporting crystal handles.

upholstered headboard sankalpp

The master bedroom has a palette in sandy taupe and charcoal brown which gives it a slight masculine edge. The bed including the headboard is upholstered in leather adding the element of texture and tactile luxury while the gooseberry sized crystals embedded in them, take the glam quotient up a few notches.

wardrobe design sankalpp

The full height wardrobe has sliding doors divided from the centre. Mirror and painted motifs are used on the wardrobe doors to create a sense of drama and also add openness to the space, in addition to being spectacular in terms of its visual appeal and design detail. It also introduces a feminine touch to an otherwise ‘yang’ room.

bed headboard sankalpp

The children’s room was designed after several interactions with the two daughters, where their inputs on how the room should look were given due consideration. The predominant aspect was a love for Disney water-world and a desire to carry a little bit of that experience in their room. Sankalpp went with a high gloss dull aqua palette for the entire room, contrasting it with subtle beige, thus ensuring that it remained subtle and did not overwhelm in terms of colour or pattern.

bedroom design sankalpp

The furniture in the room in terms of the bed, nightstands, media unit and wardrobe all have the same finish thus keeping the space well synchronised in terms of colour. The headboard in white leather has an interesting texture, serves as a complementary offset and also adds that element of luxurious indulgence.

wardrobe design doors sankalpp

The wardrobe has facade panels with bespoke digital printed glass of sea creatures. The theme is in place but it also keeps it in the teens in terms of décor relevance to the inhabitants of the room.

bed design sankalpp

The third bedroom is small and thus pattern was kept to a minimum and the furniture is sleek and modern. Grey and taupe are used in the various choice of materials from the wood to the furnishings, the focus being on texture and integration using the palette.

“Everything we touch, feel and see inspires us, be it the first rays of the morning sun, the tranquil sound of falling water, or the calm open blue sky. Our belief in design as a journey rather than the destination holds true in every step we take in our evolution.”

The entire project is a fine example of how a relatively small apartment can be made to look grand and spacious by using design details.

Pattern and texture have been used in abundance but there is restraint in the colour palette to ensure that no one element becomes too imposing and the conversation in the space stays lively and connected.

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