Modern bedroom design ideas: Using colour and pattern effectively

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Modern bedroom design ideas

The bedroom is a personalised space, that place in your home where you retire to after a long day, to unwind.  Interior design ideas for the bedroom are numerous, but picking the right one that suits your individuality is extremely important. However, even the best interior design can be ruined if the colours are not right! Shown above is a modern bedroom with subtle colour accents, at the Park Plaza hotel interiors featured on Prismma.


Choosing the right colour scheme for your bedroom is of utmost importance and it goes without saying that you should pick a colour that appeals to you. Colour choice speaks volumes about the person!  Build around the colour scheme for the walls and decide on the bedroom furniture and furnishings or you may even do it the other way round. Below the textured wall in the Bangalore home designed by COS architects, brings a bold dash of colour in a modern setting.


Light colours are soothing and add to visual enhancement of a space. Try not to use very dark colours in a tiny bedroom. If yo do, then go bold and dramatic!!

Having a feature wall behind the headboard of the bed is a good idea and you do not have to think twice before implementing it in a large bedroom. However, in a very small bedroom it is better to have one colour on all the walls – whatever shade that may be. You can also bring in colour through furnishings, accents and artefacts.


Dark and bold colours can look stunning, particularly if you coordinate it well within the interior. Choose furniture and upholstery that complements the colours, but not matching in every sense. A bedroom with very pale colours on the walls like ivory, pastel blues or beige can take in a lot more colour in terms of furnishings and artefacts – like a carpet with vibrant shades, a bright painting on the wall, a bright coloured bedspread or cushions. The kids bedroom at the Dudhane residence designed by Pune architect Sunil Patil, shows how modern minimalism can work with colour.


An all white colour scheme for the bedroom looks very elegant. Add just the right splashes of colour in the form of a patterned carpet, or bedspread and cushions and artworks, sticking to white for the rest of the décor. This creates a serene ambience. On the other hand, a colour scheme which mostly veers towards black will have a bold impact. Nanee suites by Delhi interior designer Ankita Jain.


Bright colours like yellow and orange will make a bedroom look lively. Yellow is particularly suited for brightly lit rooms and orange works extremely well with Indian ethnic decor schemes. Red can make a huge statement but needs to be used in moderation. Care should be taken while using these colours so that you don’t end up with a garish bedroom. Beautiful effects can be achieved even with the brightest of colours if used diligently.

Shades of pinks and peach are very feminine colours and work well in those settings. Delve a little deeper into fuschia and purple and you can add luxury and glamour to the setting. Mixing patterns and textures, beautiful effects can be achieved with these colours as well. Below is a warm modern bedroom designed by Delhi architect Kapil Aggarwal.


Remember – cool colours recede and dark colours advance, playing visual tricks! Take advantage of this while chalking out the colour scheme for the interior of your bedroom.


The end result should satisfy you, make you feel happy, relaxed and invite sweet dreams!

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