Mathanki’s Stylish Apartment in Mumbai

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Moving into an apartment in Mumbai, we didn’t have the luxury of large spaces, verandahs and gardens, so doing up our 900sq ft home with such restrictions was a challenge by itself. Minimal, chic yet warm was the brief we gave ourselves when we started designing our place.


Instead of adding a lot of furniture and accessories, we decided to work on the walls instead. We were inspired by a lot of New York style lofts which had lovely brick walls, for our study. Bright green for a sunny breakfast nook, pinstripe black wallpaper for the bar, or a textured aqua for the bedroom, we wanted each room to have a character of it’s own, and yet not seem too over the top. I’m glad that our experiments paid off, it all came together at the end and made for a cozy little home.

19 responses to “Mathanki’s Stylish Apartment in Mumbai”

  1. Sumedha says:

    Very stylish house. Want mine also designed like this. Voted

  2. Sumedha says:

    Very stylish. I want my house designed like this as well. Voted!

  3. Priyanka pal says:

    Earthy, warm, welcoming & class-apart. Speaks volumes of a tedious design influenced by a homely taste of simplicity & splendor. Beautiful!

  4. VAN says:

    Louly! When are you calling me over?

  5. Stunning home! Modern and very aesthetically appealing!..VOTED!!!

  6. Rama says:

    Very modern and lovely home.

  7. One of the most aesthetically appealing as well as functional homes I have seen in recent times. Kudos! U have my vote..

  8. mathanki says:

    thank you all!

  9. Marty says:

    You have given each space such a warm and inviting look through the use of color and texture. Beautifully done. Marty

  10. Beautiful home Mathanki !Very chic.LOve the way you have expressed yourself through your decor.Gorgeous!

  11. Aparna says:

    Love those walls, love her style :). She is one of my fav design bloggers !

  12. deepa says:

    though i like more of a old world charm houses..i simply cant admiring your house either..its fresh colours,contemporary style is awesome…my vote here as well..

  13. vasudha says:

    beautiful use of colours…i loved ur bathroom the most….and inspiration newyork is truly lovely….vote!!!

  14. Jaya Jairam says:

    Love the Modern, Stylish & cosy Home ! Very tastefully done.

  15. arundati says:

    voted! i keep coming back to mathanki’s lovely home for inspiration and she has always been so gracious with sharing information.

  16. Ananth S Kodavasal says:

    Simple and lovely. Love the turquoise wall and the Las Ramblas poster.

  17. Geetha says:

    Lovely! Voted!

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