Mamta Das turns a bachelor pad into a colourful vibrant loving home

My name is Mamta Sharma Das and I invite you to view my bright colourful home.

My husband and I share our home with ‘Pranky’ –a most sensible and obedient dog who helps me keep the house the way it looks despite his occasional mischievous moves and destructive nature.

I am a self-taught artist and love to paint murals.

My other interests are all things décor, cooking, sewing, craft and other things related to the home.

The mural in my bedroom is an Adam and Eve picture  that I painted.

I moved into this house a year and a half ago, which was a bachelor’s paradise earlier where my husband lived with other equally spoilt roommates.

Newspapers everywhere , hanging laundry on the windows and on the television, beer bottles with cobwebs inside them and so on.

When I got married, I also took on the challenge to change this rented house to a ‘home’.

The idea started with painting the house , some walls in bright mustard yellow and others in a saffron colour.

Being creative, I love colour; in every nook and corner of my house you will witness a splash from an artist’s palette.

My expressive nature led me to adorn my home walls with paintings and murals.

I am highly overwhelmed and impressed by the diverse art and culture of India so the taste is quite apparent in my house; the theme is traditional and fusion.

Everywhere you look there is a mix of old and new, bold and beautiful.

I am always full of ideas and have a constant urge to explore and develop different styles. I also try my hand at recycling stuff, like using my husband’s wine and whisky bottles as flower vases, because of their alluring labels and colors.

The round red table has been hand painted by me using floral motifs in acrylics.

I am a huge flea market junkie and mine is a very low-budget home, filled with treasures like vintage auction cane furniture, engraved candle stands, tribal artefacts and knickknacks from all over India. There is nothing very expensive.

Text and images by Mamta Sharma Das

8 responses to “Mamta Das turns a bachelor pad into a colourful vibrant loving home”

  1. Hema Joshi says:

    Beautiful work done Mamta :)
    I must congratulate you for reaching this milestone .. Excellent work done by you

  2. Mamta Das says:

    Thanks u so much for all ur love :)

  3. Vandana says:

    lovely home!!!loved all the images!cosy,vibrant,colourful,and i’m running short of adjectives!!!!

  4. Barkha says:

    Hey mamta congra8 dear, its vry beutiful….. u did a dam gud job man!!!!!!

  5. Sakshi Mathur says:

    Very beautifully designed..The color combination looks fantastic..Compliments each other well..Keep it up. Way to go Gal!

  6. Nayana says:

    Gorgeous home….everything is beautiful:)

  7. Mamta Das says:

    Thank u so much for ur lovely comments Emreen :)

  8. Emreen says:

    What a beautiful home !!! Love the living room decor.. the vibrant cushions and curtains… the book shelves…, the painted bedroom walls.. and the greens… Very beautiful.. and creative…

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