Lighting design in interiors

lighting design Binay 7Lighting design is extremely important in interiors – good lighting design has the power to make interiors come alive. As such, lighting as a design element/tool should not be taken lightly; cleverly utilised it can totally transform a space.

While planning lighting design, ample consideration should be given to natural light as well. What is the quality of natural light enjoyed by the space? Is it good enough to light up the space during day-time? Will you require additional artificial lighting during the day-time as well?

It is proven without doubt that lighting can change the ambience of interiors – be it general, directional/accent or focal/feature lighting, task lighting or decorative lighting. General lighting helps in providing overall light. Though it is much needed, general lighting should always be supported by other type/types of lighting, in order to create the right kind of ambience.

Feature/accent/directional/focal lighting is a vital tool that helps illuminate/showcase a particular object or area. Use it with diligence and it will help enhance the interiors.

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Task lighting is also important in interiors – it aids in performing chores in the kitchen as well as in reading, grooming etc. In the bathroom, task lighting above the sink/vanity is essential and in the kitchen they are required above the counters etc to help you perform culinary chores. Likewise bed-side task lighting is a boon if you like reading in bed.

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Decorative lighting can be used with great effect to enhance interiors and is considered a very important type of lighting.


Stunning chandeliers, beautiful wall sconces, trendy pendant lights, table lamps etc are available in many designs and styles. These help in elevating the beauty and style quotient of interiors.

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Good lighting design also has the capability to affect the other elements in a space – ‘showing them in better light’, literally! Wall paint/texture on walls/ wall paper etc will look different and take on a new dimension with different types of light, including natural light. Similarly furnishings, art and artefacts also are affected by the type of lighting. Clever lighting also has the capability of playing visual tricks – a small space may seem larger and a very large and/or impersonal space may be made to look cosier/warmer.


The trick to achieving a perfect lighting design is to resort to layering. Use various types of lights diligently to enhance the interiors. Dimmers should not be ignored while chalking out lighting design – they enable in creating various moods and also prolong the life of lights.

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By using the right type/combination of lighting and layering them intelligently, the various elements of the space can be enhanced and the interior design can be anchored perfectly.


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