Laterite as a building material

Known as Vettukallu in Kerala, Laterite is a residual ferruginous rock first discovered in the Malabar region of Kerala and Karnataka.

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Because it gains in strength on exposure to sun and air, as well as its low cost, it was widely used as a construction material in this part of India. One of the advantages is that it is soft when it is quarried and only hardens on exposure.

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Popular for its earthy, rustic appeal, skilled workmanship in the Malabar region also enables a shine on these stones. Low costs compared to bricks and a negligible loss of material, make it a preferred choice as a building material in this region. Because of a larger surface area, cement costs also come down substantially.


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Transportation costs are high, which it is why it is normally region specific and used where it can be sourced locally with relative ease. The stone has a deep red colour because of the iron oxide composition.

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It requires skilled workmanship to handle this material and sourcing is limited to license holders in a region. Technological advances have enabled machine cutting which gives a smoother product.

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The rising construction costs and drive towards locally available products have fueled a demand for this product in recent years.

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While laterite is founds in various parts of India, the regions where it is used extensively as a building material are Kerala, Goa. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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  6. Aathirai says:


    I’m interested in using the material for construction purposes based in coimbatore.

    I would like to know a bit more about the material such as:
    – Cost?
    – Does the material only come in the form of bricks?
    – The insulation properties
    – Is there someone i could contact and discus further
    – Are there Architects whom have used the material earlier that i could talk to

    Please advice path forward


    • Naseer Shah says:

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  17. Sam Keshinro says:

    nature takes good care of its own !

  18. kssk says:

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    • Rangarajan says:


      I am also looking to build a house with laterite stones in Trichy. Were you able to source this at Madurai? If you have can you know some details on who supplied cost etc?



  19. rajeshwari says:

    I want to know some contacts for laterite tile smoothning in kerala or around that area.

  20. Sam says:

    Do laterite rocks keep the house cool or does it heat up in the summer?

  21. Anup says:

    Laterite stone is much widely used in Odisha. The monumental temples including Konark used Laterite stone.

  22. Arun says:

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  23. PK Sasindran says:

    Iam building a home in Trishur and would want to know more about Laterite bricks. What are the advantages and how would this compare against hollow blocks or the normal red bricks.
    Is there a possibility of ants getting into the laterite brick structure as these are not plastered.

  24. Jayanti says:

    Have seen this brick but didn’t know much about it. Interesting article

  25. Megha says:

    Laterite is a good idea and eco-friendly too.

  26. kk says:

    is laterite a cool material too?

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