Lakshmi’s Stylish Home in Delhi

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Horticulturist by profession, photographer and blogger by passion.

I live in a simple duplex rented apartment in the South Delhi region,Alaknanda.Our simply styled house,.All walls are painted in a very muted yellow and it does not have any extraordinary wall arts nor does it have some larger than life size paintings. Home in Delhi


We recently handpainted one wall ,just to hide the scribblings of my daughter,but we will have to repaint it soon.There is nothing extraordinary,but it does tell you some story ?It surely has the warmth in winters and the brightness when the sunshines through the windows …A love for the tradition runs in the family. Indian Décor is a manifestation of the traditional values of the region. All little experiences spring up in my mind now a days, when I am living in this city of Delhi far away from the verdant Kerala. Nuggets of memory make my home vibrant.My interest in Interiors date back to my childhood days, when we, as kids, were encouraged to look at arts and culture. This avid interest was fuelled by the lovely interiors of our ancestral homes.Raindrops splashing on the mangalore tiled roofs, the wedge of light streaming in through the courtyard,the vibrant kathakali performances that my granddad used to take us to,all make up my home..


83 responses to “Lakshmi’s Stylish Home in Delhi”

  1. Reshmi R says:

    Simple and elegant. Vl visit one day.

  2. diti says:

    what a lovely and warm home you have! will definitely drop in when i am in delhi next.
    good luck!

  3. Agnisoonu says:

    Wow that’s elegant and colorful. Excellent arrangement Lakshmi. As usual the pics are great. :)

  4. Anoop Negi says:

    Now that is a lovely home !

  5. Shilpa says:

    my vote for you Lakshmi!

  6. Manju says:

    very elegant and is my vote!

  7. Paavani says:

    loved the simplicity and personal touch in this home decor.
    Good lighting and colors made it so lively.

  8. deepa says:

    voted..for the reflection of your immense talent in these pictures..

  9. Lakshmi, you are a wonderful photographer and I love your blog. Your decor always inspires me to do a little more with my own space!

  10. gunjan says:

    lovely…love ur furniture pieces!!

  11. jayarajsiva says:

    I got your site from your cousin Rani,friend of mine, old classmate, just gone through your photos, nicely arranged in your rooom,but as part of the interior competition you should have to show some wide range of room interior photos other than close up…

  12. jayarajsiva says:

    I got your site from your cousin Rani,friend of mine, old classmate, just gone through your photos, nicely arranged in your rooom,but as part of the interior competition you should have to show some more wide range of room interior photos with light other than close-ups..
    This is just my personal perspective…
    keep it up

  13. Rani says:


    My vote for the stylish home :) I love the colors and light in all photographs..

    All the best da.
    Rani chechi

  14. Your house is so charming!!!

  15. Tanuja says:

    Here’s my vote for you Chechi! Hoping to come over and see the house myself soon! :-)

  16. Rahul says:

    Chechi, what a lovely home..My vote is for you.

  17. Marina says:

    Such vibrant colours and gorgeous textures. Beautiful without being ostentatious. An inspiration!

  18. Rahul Baid says:

    asthetically beautiful and it has so much character. what catches my fancy is how your home looks like it has been built piece by piece and not outsourced to some fancy designer and expensive labels. love it..

  19. Deepthi says:

    Just SUPERB so like u….multi talented is an understatement….Gud luck and am certain u wud win :)))))))))))))))))

  20. sukhie says:

    lovely, warm, stylish, inviting> just what a home should be.

  21. Ganesh Manohar says:

    Your home is beautiful indeed and why it shouldnt be so, when Lakshmi herself resides there

  22. S.S.Unnithan says:

    Your ‘Stylish Home’ is the summum bonum of the astounding effort, zest and passion which you keep in your heart for exploring the unexplored.heartiest congratulations for being selected yours as one among the ten stylish homes.We are waiting for the momentous victory of your home being selected for greater prizes and awards.Let the fire of inspiration be kindled in you for achieving greater echelons in novel ventures like this. Wish you the best.

    • Lakshmi Arvind says:

      My loving Dad,
      You are some one to look upto no matter how tall I’ve grown.
      love you lots for the constant encouragement without which i would have been nowhere.
      your mol

  23. Swati (Simply trying) says:

    Beautiful home that echoes traditional aesthetics. I wish you had put some more of the lovely pics that I have seen on your flickr stream….

  24. Naushad says:

    Simple and elegant. Love this home.

  25. Naushad says:

    Simple and elegant. Lovely home.

  26. Lavanya says:

    Lovely home Lakshmi ! you have a great taste …

  27. harsh says:

    Hello Laxmi, what a beautiful home. !! Love the texture effect and you know most of the time we miss something to complete the selfness. i found this in pics and would be certainly there in your home. congrats for such a wonderful home.

  28. sangeetha says:

    lovely home..

  29. Karthik says:

    love the use of colours..warm and inviting. love it!

  30. Divya says:

    Hard to believe that a home with such old world charm is in Delhi! It has the feel of a Chettinad home in Madras :)

  31. Omana Mukund says:

    Lakshmi, what a slice of Kerala in Delhi.
    Good collection of artworks also.
    My vote is for you, mollu.

  32. Bindu Sudhakar says:

    Hi Lakshmi,what a nice home. Loved it, Full marks to Lakshmi’s magic corners.

  33. Hey Nepsi,
    Awesome shots…
    What a wonderful collection of memorabilia. ..and the way you keep your home…Your home is wrapped in a nostalgic Kerala-feel….
    My Vote is definitely for you

  34. Shalini Menon says:

    Hey Lakshmi Chechi…Lovely shots of the corners of your home…You should have put more snaps…Let people see your lovely collections of antiques…My vote is for you

  35. Parimal says:

    Lovely house Arvind…full marks to your wife !

  36. ash says:

    only after reading your write up did I realise this is an apartment. I seriously thought you were living in a typical tharavad house in kerala..looking at all the ethnic stuff and the light rays on the pics I certainly wandered back in time to my father’s ancestoral home in Irinjakaluda..ash

  37. shalini says:

    Looks elegantly warm and inviting, just like you Laksh! So glad to have visited you in your beautiful home.

  38. Ashiss says:

    My dream home!! Awesome!!

  39. Pradeep says:

    Wonderful photos.
    You get my vote. 😀

    Keep up the wonderful work.
    You are the perfect homemaker.

  40. Gangadevi says:

    lovely home,my daughter.glad that you are upholding the traditions in the family.

  41. Hey! Lakshmi,
    Thanks for visiting me…you have a lovely home, and a very warm one…my vote goes for you …

    Take Care

  42. Aarohi Singh says:

    My vote is for you :-)

  43. sindhu chithralekha says:

    i am a big fan of your creative photography. excellent work lekshmi. my vote is for u….. wish u all the sucess

  44. Dhanda says:

    Lakshmi! you go on with your traditions and your house is reflecting the fond memories of your child hood! it is simply nice!

  45. Maheswari Janarthanan says:

    warm & cozy home with south indian touch! all the best lakshmi!

  46. Not a second thought, I vote for your home lakshmi. Lovely write-up and an elegant home. It’s classy and your photographs are brilliant really!

  47. Sujatha Viswanathan says:

    My vote is for your house filled with ethnic touches , Simple yet warm and charming !

  48. preethi says:

    You have my vote Lakshmi.. Love your style and your choice of furniture..

  49. Sanjay says:

    Nostalgic photos…..

  50. Bindu says:

    Wow Lakshmi chechi, its awesome and elegant…loved the furniture and its style of presentation.My Vote is for you.

  51. Manu says:

    Ethnic ! Snaps are too good.. Excellent frame selection and nice angles.. adds to the beauty. Attention given to fine details.. loved the wall painting too..

  52. Anuj Nair says:

    Excellent in every sense !

  53. Beautiful Lakshmi….every corner breathes true India. So proud. Love it.

  54. Devi says:

    Lovely cosy home…truly indian..i vote

  55. Very Impressive….lovely home

  56. Faieza says:

    Great work. An excellent blend of south within the North . Cheers !!!

  57. aruna gopalakrishnan says:

    my vote for my talented sis in Law Lakshmi.


  58. Samir Ghosh says:

    Looks elegant. My vote.

  59. Niladri Mukherjee says:

    Fantastic and inviting. Exudes subdued elegance. You have my vote!

  60. Shubashree Balakumar says:

    Love your house Lakshmi!

  61. Sasi Menon says:

    A shaft of light filters in,
    Through the soft cotton of the drape,
    Bringing with it the love,
    Of a home away from home.
    A tired day ends,
    In the comfort of belonging,
    Amongst the smell of the familiar,
    As slumber gives room for dreams.

  62. rama ananth says:

    Beautiful home Lakshmi. As I just noticed you said in one of your replies that you sent whatever you could in a hurry. I wish we could see more of your house, try to send some more I am sure it can be added. Wish you all the best.

  63. Jyoti says:

    Very nice Lakshmi. Well done All the best

  64. Bindu Varma says:

    Very ethnic,very beautiful,very art deco!

  65. Madan says:

    A very beautiful collection of flowers and furnitures, the traditional Indian way, love it.

  66. Congrats & all the very Best – My Vote is “YES”

  67. vasudha says:

    hi lakshmi…very south indian….i love this feel…and as rajee rightly said…i can hear a soft note of raghuvamsha sudha as a background score as i take a tour of ur home….

  68. Ethnic and gorgeous!A beautiful Indian home!…VOTED!!!

  69. brinda nilesh says:

    lovely pictures…Lakhsmi…!!
    u must be having the most amazing collection of wooden furniture..and the lighting just adds to the beauty!!
    wud love to see ur home in its entirety…
    …. ek home tour post to banta hi hai!!;)!!

  70. jayashree jayachandran says:

    I have always loved the simple ,earthy and warmth reflected in your pics of your home,Lakshmi..and you ahve brought in the burnished kerala feel into your serene,spartan yet cosy..

  71. arundati says:

    voting for lakshmi’s stylish home… lots of greenery and antique style furniture!

  72. sheena says:

    Beautiful..Felt like each and every corner of your house has something special to say…congrats dear.

  73. sharon says:

    Love your bhavnagari tiled furniture lakshmi….beautiful home, so warm and filled with personal touches!

  74. Geetha says:

    The green & red turban men cushions have totally taken me! I vote! :-) You need to tell me where you get your stuff from!

  75. Lakshmi, You know I am a huge fan… have my vote!!

  76. Laksh… I so want a tour of the home properly… and see each piece of furniture… and each corner.. Can I come over instead.. :-) *sigh*.. Gorgeous home.. reflecting the gorgeous person living in there!!

  77. Anpu says:

    Lakshmi – what a beautiful home… your home is so reminiscent of Kerala… gorgeous antique teak wood furniture, lovely terracota urli and all the flowers…loved teh Paayi…and the cane chair…

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