Kolhapur Residence by Pune Architect Sunil Patil

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Architecture that utilises the topography with a goal of maximising benefits from natural elements form the core design philosophy of industrialist Kishore Dudhane’s home on the outskirts of Kohlapur in Maharashtra. Constructed on a plot measuring 571 square metres, with a built-up area of 328.21 square metres, this contemporary style home sits on a piece of land that is moderately contoured. Pune Architect

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Architect Sunil Patil and his team have designed this contemporary style abode, utilising the available space in a manner that makes the open, inter-connected spaces seem larger than they actually are. The interiors and the landscaped exterior spaces merge together seamlessly, reaping extensive benefits from natural elements like sunlight and fresh air.

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The striking façade of the house with geometric vertical planes that divides the mass into separate zones is particularly interesting. The positioning of these vertical planes is such that they have strategic gaps, creating a direct path for sunlight into the house. The design serves a purpose without compromising on aesthetics. The white plastered exteriors are complemented by the coloured sidings.

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As you walk through the spaces one feature that catches your attention is the abundance of natural light in all the rooms. The openness and the sleek clean lines of the living, dining, kitchen, home-theatre lounge, three bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as other spaces, is magnified by natural light streaming in through skylights. This key feature also makes the home energy efficient.

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Ample sunlight flooding the house creates various moods – the interplay of light and shadows taking on different facets at different hours of the day!

The natural contouring of the plot was exploited to the maximum by the architect who designed split levels in a manner that multiple functions were accommodated into lesser space, at the same time maintaining the open and spacious look. Passages have been cleverly eliminated by a specially designed staircase that connects the various levels.

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The central courtyard with walls clad in Shahbad stone, adding a vernacular touch to the largely contemporary design, forms the core of the house. Cute little toad-stools sit smugly under the watchful eyes of tall bamboo, frangipani and ornamental palm in the pebbled courtyard.

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The dining area opens into the living room and the open kitchen, as well as other spaces, and enjoys the benefits of the courtyard, being adjacent to it.

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Frosted glass and aluminium are used for the custom-built contemporary kitchen and the counters tiled in white, along with the modern fittings, enhance the sleek minimalism of the space. Large windows allow for an unrestricted view of beautifully landscaped areas outdoors and the ample light from the internal courtyard makes this cucine a fun place to wield the ladle!

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The open plan creates easy interaction between the kitchen and dining area.

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The expansiveness of the design is further enhanced by the double height ceiling in the living room and a view of the periphery wall that showcases a mural depicting a tribal scene.

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White vitrified flooring is used throughout and aids in creating an illusion of more space than there actually is.

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Kishore Dudhane’s well- planned home exudes positive energy. Architecture, décor and landscaping are in perfect harmony here, where nothing overpowers and no feature is a misfit.

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Every nook and cranny of this home is simple and serene.

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The multi-level exits and large windows enable the occupants to enjoy expansive views. Contemporary, classy, comfortable and in sync with natural elements – this home is an architectural delight!

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The bedrooms have been strategically positioned, facing south-west and benefitting from the continuous breeze. Modern furniture, just enough to suit functional purpose, keep the space clutter free, once again adding to the expansive and spacious framework of design.

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Terraces and balconies adjoining the bedrooms maintain the common thread of design, wherein nature is brought indoors.

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Well organised walk-in closets are an added advantage and maintain the open design theme.

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Blue is the ruling colour in one bedroom, whereas another one is furnished in bright and sunny colours, the former has white vitrified flooring and the latter has wooden laminate flooring.

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Black, white and grey rule the roost in the third bedroom, with a white bed that is perfectly highlighted by the dark wooden flooring. Wooden detailing makes the décor very trendy in the bedrooms.

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The contemporary bathrooms are fitted with sleek fixtures and frosted glass partitions for the shower area.

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Every feature of the house is designed to stress four aspects—openness, warm earthy tones in the extensive use of wood, being connected to the outdoors and a lot of natural light. The occasional splash of blue and yellow add sunshine cheer and vitalising zing to the space.

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