Kitchen Design India: 2000+ Ideas and 30+ Articles on designing a kitchen

The article below has a brief on kitchen design as well as relevant links to the kitchen design articles and kitchen design visual galleries.

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While designing a kitchen there are several aspects to consider and a proper understanding of the various elements involved will enable you to create a functional space that is aesthetically pleasing and caters to all your practical requirements as well. In addition to incorporating all the various technological tools at our disposal today. Shown below: Modern Kitchen designed by Moco Design Studio

open plan kitchen design MOCO DESIGN3   HOMETOURS BANNER

Renovating a kitchen is always a major enterprise. With the modern kitchen becoming a major focal point in home design, consumer interest has moved beyond just space and functionality.


There is a greater interest in the various components of kitchen design that allow for an enhanced visual appeal while bringing in important features of organisation, hardware and aesthetics. Shown below: Amerjit Ghag’s transitional kitchen in Hawaii featured on Prismma.

Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismmaarchitect banner

Conventional patterns of use have changed, allowing for a more modern and interactive space, whereas earlier, kitchens were relegated to basic frameworks.

While the décor and design of a kitchen would not affect the flavour of the food being cooked there, it is interesting to see how its status has been elevated to require an assessment purely in terms of design.

There is an increasing awareness of how this area of the home could be more in sync with the rest of the living space. Shown below: Minimalist Kitchen designed by Bangalore architect Aditya Kashyap and a modern kitchen designed by Cecconi Simone in Toronto.

Aditya Kashyap featured on Prismmaopen plan kitchen and dining space design Cecconi 15

There is usually no scope for half measures here, and the hole in your pocket is usually a sizeable one.

With all that in mind, getting the storyboard right is essential. Before you approach a kitchen designer or a kitchen professional, or even attempt a DIY, it would be useful to write down a few things that need to be well defined. Shown below: Modern kitchen designed by Cecconi Simone.

kitchen wall tiles design Cecconi 18

The first step is to list all the practical requirements of the chef. This is what you communicate to the designer and not the other way around.

decorating guide large banner

Put your basic requirements on paper, list out all the items you need storage for (yes this is an absolute must if you want to get it right—each person has different needs).


Even if it seems trivial, make a note of it. You will find that it’s not so insignificant when it is missing in the installed kitchen. Shown below: Kitchen design: Photography by Andreas Markou

open kitchen design MARKOU9   hire an architect small banner

Plan out all the appliances you intend to get fitted (including the model specifications). That way there is a better chance that it will get fitted in an appropriate space.

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