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kitchen cabinet design KITCHEN DESIGN

 Is your kitchen looking drab due to old, worn out cabinetry? If the rest of the kitchen is in fairly good condition, making a few cosmetic changes to the existing cabinets will do the trick.

• Cabinets in otherwise good condition may look as good as new with a coat of paint or polish—preferably in a new colour. Spray painting gives an ultra smooth finish, hence removing the cabinets or just the doors for spray painting and then re-fitting them is well worth the effort. Wooden laminated cabinets that are worn out or chipped can be re-laminated and look good as new again. Old wooden cabinets may be stained after scraping and sanding to a smooth finish.

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• Changing the hardware does the trick many a time, so go ahead and replace broken and worn out hardware. Old hinges, handles and knobs should be phased out. Choose handles and knobs that can blend in very well with the existing cabinets. Hardware shopping is not a boring affair anymore – the range out there can put you in a quandary. Knobs, handles and racks of brushed steel, nickel and chrome as well as pewter, glass and crystal are some options.

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• Very old cabinets can be upgraded totally by re-fitting the interiors with modern sliding shelves, trays etc. New doors to match (if necessary) and you have almost brand new cabinets. Of course this will be a costly exercise, so think hard and plan well before you take a call.

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• Add mouldings to plain looking cabinets, provided it suits the design of the existing cabinets. Sometimes minor additions like these may change the look of your kitchen for the better.

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• Replace the old doors of your cabinets with new, better looking ones. Get new doors custom made to fit the existing cabinets. Etched or stained glass, or clear, opaque or tempered glass doors or even those in metallic finishes look good. All you have to keep in mind is to choose something that looks good and suits your pocket. Alternately, you may do away with the doors altogether, opting for open cabinets with new shelving in glass, wood, brushed steel etc.

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Tired of seeing those old, worn out kitchen cabinets? What are you waiting for? Inject new life into them and transform your kitchen.

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