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It seems like yesterday when little Sara came into our lives, and I am already planning her 3rd birthday party. Sometimes, it all seems like a dream. Has she really been a part of our happy world for three years now? These three years have been full of such lovely moments. Sleepless nights, her first tooth, first words, her first day at play school, first picnic, birthday parties, the first time she made me a card and though it hasn’t been very long since we experienced these many-many “firsts”, my memory is already failing me. The old ones are making way for new ones and I often fear that soon I will forget everything.

kids room decor

Do you feel like that too? Why do they have to grow so fast? And why can’t we remember all of their cute baby-talk all our lives? I really think it’s important to capture all of their honest expressions and charming moments not only for us but for their sake too. Won’t it be fun to go through these together when they are little missies and misters? Or even all grown up.

Of course, there are the usual baby books that we all get gifted on their birth. But there is so much more we can do. Today I am going to share some things that I cherish and am glad we did with her.

Kids’ room decor ideas: I recall that a few months after her birth, an expectant mother asked me about her weight and height at the time of her birth. Well, I had forgotten and to think of it I used to actually wonder how parents could ever forget these important details. That’s when I realised that remembering her 9’o clock medicine and diaper changes had become more significant, ha! So I decided to make her a birth poster. We had it framed and put up on the wall in her room. It has the regular details like her name, time of birth, weight and height at the time of the birth but what makes it more endearing is that it also has her first pair of socks, mittens and her first t-shirt. We all save these but its brings one more pleasure when one can see them every day as compared to them being locked up in the loft.

kids room decor

Another lovely thing would be to take their hand and foot prints on wet clay. Get it fired by one of the many pottery studios in the city. Paint that is suitable for their tiny hands and feet can also be used. Frame this piece of art and go teary-eyed every time you see them. I came across this awesome idea to trace the outline of their tiny hands every year and put them all together in a ring and I am stealing it. It will be fun to do this on the 1st of January every year and make it like a little New Year tradition. I am sure other children would look forward to doing this too.

Monthly Photographs at the same spot makes one realise just how quickly they grow. I did this for her first year and always love going back to it. If you can afford a professional portfolio shoot I would say do it, once a year. You will never regret this ‘investment’. And if you can’t you still don’t have any excuse. In today’s world, where most of us have a digital camera at home, all we need is abundant patience to capture their priceless smiles (the last time we tried this outdoors we took about 100 shots and managed about four which weren’t blurry because Madame was all over the place).

kids room ideas

When we celebrated her first birthday I wanted to save the invitation, the wishes that were left by the guests on the wishing tree we made, the food tags, thank you card, parts of décor for her to see when she grows up. Though we had pictures of everything, I wanted her to “see” her first birthday up close. That’s when I thought of making her a birthday box. Trust me, all the squealing and laughter that you will experience when she opens it once she is a little older can’t be compared to a birthday album at all. One birthday box for each year. Try it and it’s really no work. All you have to do it put the stuff you’ve already made  into a pretty little box and label it.

Before I end this article (that I had so much fun writing because it is so close to my heart), one last idea— with my husband usually travelling, I always have a tough time remembering all the “oh you know what she said/did today” moments. That’s when I decided to just write them down on colorful scraps of paper the minute they happened and put them in a keepsake jar. Now its fun to read them out together when he is home and also to go through that treasure every once in a while. I plan to scan them all at the end of the year and get them printed like a journal.

The last one I put in the jar was when I told her this morning, “Sara you are looking really nice.” To which she replied, “Actually, momma, I am looking gorgeous!”

Did she just use the words actually and gorgeous? Yes, sometimes they make me laugh out loud.

Go ahead—capture your little one’s childhood. Blink, blink, and it will be over.

Prachi Grover studied management and worked for a couple of years until she gave it all away to follow her heart! Now, she divides her time between pursuing studio pottery, designing products, writing interior design and decor columns for magazines and running a blog! She also works as a consultant for a Dutch company (Women on Wings) Prachi loves colours and adores pretty patterns. The smell of vanilla makes her day. Gorgeous studio pottery is a big part of her life. She is also always in the middle of redoing of her home.
Check out her blog : PurpleHomes


5 responses to “Cherish those memories: Kids room decor ideas: Prachi Grover”

  1. kk says:

    truly enjoyed reading this article…..i love the frame

  2. Prachi.. this is lovely!! I know exactly what you mean.. mine are now.. 7 and 9.. and I really dont know where the years have gone.. I started off with making an album.. per kid.. like a collage of every year in one page, including one birthday pic.. But that didn’t last for two long.. Now I feel like I’ve lost all that time.. and my memory is truly fading as well!! Luckily I’ve got a few finger prints.. of when they were little.. I’ve taken out my camcorder.. and have kept it permanently in the living room.. Hoping to capture a few memories.. My older one is already behaving like a teenager.. so time is truly running out..

    This is truly a lovely post!!

  3. purplehomes says:

    Thanks Mona, Deepa & Emreen. Glad you enjoyed going through it:)

  4. Emreen says:

    Wonderful Article , Prachi !!! Great tips too… Loved going through them … 😉 !!

  5. Mona says:

    Grt peice …

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