Kids Party decor by Prachi Grover

The first birthday of your child is always a special milestone in your life. After all, it is also the first year of you being a parent and surviving it.


While there is no right or one way of doing it (completely depends on your style), what really matters is that you mark the occasion in a way that feels special to you and leaves you with happy memories. I remember all the fun we had planning our little girl’s first birthday (she recently turned three) and how it was so beautiful having the people who loved her the most to share our big day. Having planned and thrown three do-it-from-scratch birthdays I thought it would be nice to share my learning from the past.

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Here is my little list of the do’s and don’ts on kids party decor. Pick and choose what you think will work for you:

1. Keep it short: Both the guest list and the time span of the party. While the age-old saying of “One guest for every year your baby is old” is a really good one it may be difficult to implement. But you get the point I am trying to make here, right? The idea of fun for a one year old is certainly not being surrounded by 100 strangers where Mommy and Daddy are playing hosts and not being with her on her special day. Invite immediate family and a couple of close friends and you have just right setting that your child will thank you for. Ditto for the time span. 90 minutes to two hours is a good time so try to stick to that. Anything more than that will make the star of the day cranky. As for the timings, anytime after her nap time works perfectly.

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2. Home sweet home: If you can keep the guest list short there is a strong possibility that you can accommodate all of your guests at home. Home is what is familiar to your child. Her room, her toys, her plate. With all the doting uncles and aunts and grandparents (Read: sea of people from a one year old’s perspective) around her give her the comfort of feeling safe in her haven. Of course, it may always not be possible to have the party at home. In which case always be around her and with her.

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3. Ask for help: With you running around and playing dual roles— the perfect hostess and loving mommy, you may need help. Ask a family member to help you balance your roles.

4. Party invitations: Anything personalised and handmade will always be appreciated. A snap of your baby, her hand/foot print on the invite, a handwritten verse are some ideas.

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5. Keep it simple: This holds true for all—the food, décor, and activities planned for the day. Most one year olds have just about started eating finger food. Serving something that is really challenging for them to eat is definitely not a good idea. Baked potato wedges, cubes of cheese, fruit, mini sandwiches, and cupcakes are some options. Don’t forget to check for any food allergies— my daughter was lactose intolerant for more than a year. Keep the kids décor sweet and simple and well out of reach. Anything loud is a clear no-no. A lovely combination of balloons, flowers, and some streamers will definitely make your little one happy and anything more than that is perhaps a sensory overload. Kids this age often play alongside each other and not with each other. A designated area with some safe toys and some chairs around it for the parents to relax and enjoy should work well.

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6. Party favours: No candies at this age please. Board books, rattles, bath toys, balls; all will be appreciated by your little guests.

7. Making memories: Remember to charge that camera and if possible ask a friend or relative to click snaps for you. You will be too busy playing hostess and would certainly not want to miss out on capturing all the details of the big day. It is also a good idea to have the guests write something special and heartfelt for your baby. Years later it will be fun for her to go through it. A guest book, a wishing tree, small cards are some options for you to explore.

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8. Last and not the least. Take a deep breath and relax. Smile. This day is for you to enjoy and celebrate the amazing child that you have in your arms, so cherish every moment.


Prachi Grover studied management and worked for a couple of years until she gave it all away to follow her heart! Now, she divides her time between pursuing studio pottery, designing products, writing design and decor columns for magazines and running a blog! She also works as a consultant for a Dutch company (Women on Wings) Prachi loves colours and adores pretty patterns. The smell of vanilla makes her day. Gorgeous studio pottery is a big part of her life. She is also always in the middle of redecorating her home. Check out her blog : PurpleHomes


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  2. alison says:

    always so much pressure to plan a kids party. its a major event.

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    when we were kids it was so every bday is an event that needs to be planned. nice ideas.

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    very good ideas,defenitely going 2 help in planning a bday party …keep giving such wonderful ideas

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