Kamini’s stylish home in Hyderabad

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“My husband and I remodeled my in-laws’ two bedroom home after we moved back to India from the US in 2006.


We wanted to keep the footprint the same without extending into the garden which my mother-in-law loved and had nurtured over 25 years. We were also sensitive to the fact that my in-laws had stayed there, so we didn’t want to change things so completely it would seem unfamiliar to them.

I designed the remodel myself, and we hired a local contractor to get the rest done. Our mantra was – keep it simple – and bring in interest by means of color, accessories, old antique family items, things we love and artwork. All flooring is ceramic tile – I was totally against marble – but we had to use that for the stairs much against my desire.

I am a firm believer in Wabi Sabi – that old used things have value…not monetary value of course, but nostalgia and memories attached to them. I have filled my house with items handed down to me – wooden trunks which I have repainted, brass cookware and earthenware belonging to my grandmother, black and white family pictures, old furniture….they all have a story to tell. When I use my brass coffee filter it thrills me to know my great grandmother used the very same one in her kitchen 70 odd years ago. If I can make something instead of buying it, then I will do so. Most of the artwork you see is done by me. Anything you see that is painted was most likely my doing – the painted wooden trunk in the family room, the red kitchen shelf, the round iron bowl at the entrance were all weekend DIY projects. I like clean lines, no clutter, baskets for storage, lots of textures and a lot of color especially orange!

So my house has a little bit of everything…..the very old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the East and the West.”

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  1. kk says:

    warm to look at and warm to live in no doubt! a wonderful joyous riot of colours and the contemporary: ethnic crafts and modern prints, dhurries, plants and garden flowers..books, jhoola, b/w photos….an ABC of ‘what a good home should feel like’ congrats!

  2. kk says:

    warm to look at and warm to live in no doubt! a wonderful joyous riot of colours and the contemporary: ethnic crafts and modern prints, dhurries, plants and garden flowers..books, jhoola, b/w photos….an ABC of ‘what a good home should feel like’ congrats!

  3. Pooja says:

    I absolutely love Kamini’s home! It has a certain warmth and a lived in feel to it….& all those earthy colors….am droooooling! :)

  4. Sujatha says:

    lovely !!!

  5. Shanthi says:

    Right from the ‘entry’ the home is warm and inviting. Each corner has a story to tell be it an old photograph, or magics flown from her brush strokes, or an old inherited chest or a brass vessel. A well put together home and here is my VOTE for it

  6. Mallika says:

    I especially like the blends of yellows, reds, and browns – they work together to create a really warm and lively look!

  7. Palghat Padmanabhan says:

    In a most Satisfactory manner you have achieved a Harmonious and Sublime intersection of Olden and Modern, East & West, and brought Heaven to Earth. Jai Hind.

  8. Kamini’s home looks warm and beautiful; full of positive energy and good vibes!

  9. S V Padmanabhan says:

    I’d call it ‘Homely’ for the conveniences it offers with the right ambience. Tasteful interior and exterior design and good use of appropriate technology to make it eco friendly. Well done Kamini. Keep it up!

  10. shalini says:

    love the bursts of colour in your house…so much colour should give you retina fatigue…but your eclectic style just…is almost like an oasis…my vote goes to you kamini…

  11. Vidya says:

    Lovely home, Kamini. I’ve heard so much about it – Hope to visit you sometime and see it in person.

  12. jayu chithappa says:

    I vote for you ,kamini!your home is our favourite retreat!

  13. Raja Narayan says:

    I love the way Kamini has decorated and arranged her home. Lot of thought has gone into the interior decor. Well done, Kamini.

  14. sharon says:

    I have long been an admirer of Kamini’s home. It is unassuming, simple yet stylish and comfy – exactly how a home should be!

  15. Raji Ganapathy says:

    Its really BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT and moreover its classy….i love everything in your house: colours, paintings, the decos…i love your kitchen too…
    wishing you all the best as your home is simply SUPERB!!!

  16. .Elaine DeLand says:

    I really loved the designs in the home. The colors were very clean and fresh. I found the ambiance calming.

  17. Sana says:

    Kamini – really vibrant and welcoming house! Orange is one of my favorite colors too. Hope to see it in person some day.

  18. priya says:

    Lovely home, seems warm and welcoming!

  19. Oh..wow!!such a gorgeous home..Kamini…feel happy to see & take a tour of your house…its a perfect amalgamation of vibrancy…Elegant,Classy & very stylish..it gives very warm 7 inviting feel… :) The Wall color..paintings..vibrant colors..Artifacts..the architecture…each n every corner shows your attention n love… Loved your beautiful home… my vote goes to you :)

  20. Katie says:

    I love Kamini’s house. It embodies Kamini, Raga, her sense of style, her love for colors, and her respect for new/old and east/west. Can’t wait to see it myself. =)

  21. Heidi Muller says:

    What a beautiful space! I love how Kamini’s interest in the meaning and history of things inspires their use in her lovely home. Great labor of love!

  22. Gautam says:

    I can personally vouch for Kamini’s good taste …. since she’s my mom. I’ve seen her arrange and re-arrange rooms for decades, but they always end up looking better than ever!

  23. Jane McNassar says:

    Love all the colors used. So inviting. Art work, furnishings, houseplants and on and on. Beautifully done and full of family history. Kudos to you, Kamini!!!


  24. Awesome, Kamini! Loved all the pics.. good luck :)

  25. Kris Melonas says:

    Very comfortable. Love the warm feeling especially the kitchen, and the placement of the pictures and wall hangings. I feel that you can get lost in all the interesting furnishings for hours. Beautifully designed. Kris Melonas, Graphic Designer

  26. kantha says:

    Kamini’s home reflects her warm, artistic personality….she has a wonderful sense of aesthetics ,uses colour and design so imaginatively…I love your home , waiting to see it some day soon…I vote for Kamini’s lovely home!

  27. Kathy Granquist says:

    I also love the color orange and enjoyed seeing it used in many of your paintings/designs. Also enjoyed the use of small pottery pots for holding paint brushes & how you grouped them together.

  28. Shyamla says:

    Beauty and warmth…that is what your home exudes. Love the earthy tones. Good luck – you deserve to win

  29. Pooja Doiphode says:

    Very Very Beautiful Kamini…Love your House…

  30. Kd Wescott says:

    Beautiful colors and decorations!
    I especially love your kitchen.

  31. Jean Bolton says:

    I’m a super dork with colors, so that was my favorite part of the photos. The rich, warm, earthy colors on the walls. I LOVE that. The fact that you blend old and new so effortlessly, I think that makes it a home (not just a house, mind you) where everyone would feel totally comfortable. You did an outstanding job.

  32. Rajiv V says:

    Wow. Your sense of style and design is spectacular. I so desperately need your help with my place that currently stand with a hodge-podge of items and mostly bare walls. :-(

  33. Aparna says:

    Breathtaking home! A winner all the way!

  34. Usha says:

    It’s a lovely home, Kamini–it’s friendly and warm, the brass and the terracotta adding a beautiful eastern flavour to the clean lines and comfortable spaces that come from a western sensibility. My favourite nook is your library!

  35. Rekha Saraf says:

    Every nook and corner has beauty and charm embedded in it…………..Lovely!!!

  36. Lalli says:

    You have a lovely home Kamini. I fondly remember our visit there some years ago..

  37. Val says:

    I love Kamini’s style and wish I had creativity like hers to achieve wonders!

  38. Krupa N says:


    Beautiful and serene!!!!! Oh the colors, the shapes and the groupings. Combination of precious old and new and the paintings!! The Jhula is my favorite!!!!!

  39. GB says:

    The thing about Kamini is that she is a beautiful person on the inside and it is reflected in every aspect of her life including her home…..I’m honored to call her my friend, she’s truly an inspiration!

  40. Anandam says:

    I love the aesthetic beauty of all rooms in the house and the greenery wherever possible; makes for a cool and soothing effect. The colour combinations are also very pleasing to the eye. Great job Kamini! You deserve to win.

  41. Divya says:

    I’m rooting for you K! I absolutely love how warm, lived in and lovely your home is!

  42. Vaishali says:

    Kamini, Your home is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how you mix elegance with color and detail. It’s all so eclectic yet so warm and comfortable.

  43. Monica says:

    simply lovely! i love the warm colors and spiral staircase especially :)

  44. Andy says:

    I love this house!

  45. Gorgeous,warm,classy..an ethnic ‘orange home’!…VOTED!!

  46. jayashree jayachandran says:

    A home that exudes warmth,elegance, colour and a timeless elegance,coupled with kamini’s keen eye for detail and aesthetics..i fall in love with it every time We visit.I love the quiet little corners with little souvenirs,thr alcoves so imaginatively doneup and most of all,the little reading area with the book shelves..I vote for Kamini’s home.

  47. Haripriya says:

    SUPERB! Great job kaminika. The kitchen pics are my all time fav

  48. c toncray says:

    Airy, full of color, full of life!

  49. charmine says:

    Beautiful colors,lovely home.I just had to vote for you,because I appreciate that you made use of what you already have at home and did most of the paintings.Good job!

  50. srimanasa says:

    I totally heart how Kamini brings together small little things and makes such a lovely home. I am eyeing the reading nook especially,,,hope to emulate it someday.

    My vote 4 u Kamini.

  51. radhika viswanathan says:

    Love the earthy colours you have used, I use them too all the time! You have retained the history of the house by reusing the old stuff like the cabinets and trunks and merged them well with the new. And everything is so well maintained. The way you have done up the verandah and brought a slice of the outside indoors is wonderful.

  52. Ranjini says:

    beautiful home. Good luck kamini. I hope you win coz you deserve to.

  53. Nisha says:

    Ah, I am one of the lucky ones that doesn’t even need to look at the photos because I’ve actually been to your home! Warm colours, excellent taste, unique styling and the coziness and functionality of a real home. You definitely have my vote. :-)

  54. Sharbari says:

    Very very nice…liked wall color combination very much..

  55. Veenamrutha says:

    Hey Kamini,

    I absolutely love your home. I’m in love with the warm colors and the curated look, every nook and corner. My vote goes to you. All the best.

  56. purplehomes says:

    As expected…as gorgeous and as warm as you. Kamini, you are such a wonderful person and every bit of your home is classy. My vote goes to you.

  57. Appan Ramanathan says:

    Remodeling is more difficult than building a new home. Great job!

  58. vasudha says:

    As i see this house…i remember my in-laws place…filled with mysore paintings which are like 50 years old….i have a huge collection of such brassware too….loved ur house kamini…..a beautiful blend of southindia and some elements from all over the world…..VOTED !!!!

  59. Maneesha says:

    I vote for Kamini’s home hands-down! :)
    You have such a lovely, warm, and welcoming home, Kamini! I have been a silent admirer for long!

  60. Sam says:

    kamini’s home has my vote! Wow!

  61. Indira Viswanathan says:

    Hi Kamini,
    You’ve my vote. Lovely home and artwork!! Wish you all the best!!


  62. brinda nilesh says:

    gr8 to see ur home here kamini…!!
    classic and totally individualistic home!!
    all the best!!

  63. deepa says:

    lovely home.wish i visit your house one day.. great pictures .my vote for you..

  64. Krupanandh says:

    An absolutely stunning home, I feel very warm by looking at the pictures…..so I can imagine how it would be….. living in it. I truly understand maintaining a lovely home such as this is a huge task, but nevertheless it is called “Home”.

  65. Ravi Laxman says:

    Kamini — The colours are sober & yet vibrant. They mingle so well to give a sophisticated ambience.The overall effect is stunning & pleasing. Gives one the impression of a home created piece by piece with loads of patience & imagination. Great job indeed. Ravi

  66. pdb says:

    aunty, of course u have my vote!!! my dream home!!! love it!!! :)


  67. Ravi Laxman says:

    Kamini — The colours are sober & yet vibrant. They mingle so well to give a sophisticated ambience.The overall effect is stunning & pleasing. Gives one the impression of a home created piece by piece with loads of patience & imagination. Great job indeed. Ravi

  68. Caroline says:

    Awesome Kamini. Loved the reading place, the dinning table, bedroom :) all the best

  69. reena says:

    What a lovely home, kamini.

  70. Jwalamalini says:

    Kamini,I vote for your gorgeous home.Already loved it when i first saw it in your blog.

  71. Emreen says:

    Awesome… Love the dining area… the paintings… book shelf… the beautiful entryway… Oh ! the list is endless Kamini..!!

    ALL THE very BEST !!!!

  72. Alka Jhawar says:

    Kamini your beautiful home has my vote. The walls, the architecture and all the artwork spell character and authenticity. You’ve created so much balance and harmony with such a skillfull use of colors and design. I especially love that you have momento’s from your family all over your home. Just beautiful!

  73. Anjana Kashyap says:

    Kamini – Wonderful. Your home is just too good! Great work

  74. Vijay V says:

    Fabulous! V east-meets-west!

  75. Indu says:

    love the decor. Lots of new touches since I visited last. Voting for you.

  76. Sahana Singh says:

    Super stuff. Can see the care and attention that’s gone behind everything.

  77. NC says:

    A beautiful home that is truly your baby – created and nurtured by you!A fantastic combination of ‘5-star hotel’ looks and the familiarity of family cosiness.It certainly has my vote!

  78. venke says:

    lovely home and lovely people.

    the study and the home theater are my favorites and ofcourse all those lovely paintings by kamini add to the splendour.

  79. Rajee Sood says:

    Loved your house Kamini… I vote for it… I could get very comfortable in there… ;):)

  80. Divya says:

    Love your beautiful home my friend!

  81. Meera says:

    Lovely home, voted for you.

  82. Delighted to see your home Kamini… it totally rocks!!

  83. You have my vote and a big hug. Your home is fabulous!!!Till date I regeret not meeting you when you were here!!

  84. Meera Kohli says:

    My vote is for Kamini’s stylish remodeled home… All the very best.. Meera xx

  85. Anpu says:

    Lovely, warm and a gorgeous home…oh Kamini, love every wall, every artifact displayed. as they say…bahut pyar se, eet or pathar (brick and stone) ke ghar ko, savre hai…aur apna mahal banaye…:-)

  86. Devi Dutta says:

    Very stylish, earthy and artistic..

  87. rama ananth says:

    Wish you all the best!!

  88. sudha says:

    uber uber cool home..waiting to see it..very soon

  89. sayanisurender says:


    • Kamini says:

      Which paintings are you referring to? Many of them I have done, so if you tell me specifically I can tell you if I did them or bought them. Same with the ethnic stuff…I pick them up from all over the place….craft bazaars, Matsya. Email me at Inimak@in.com about specific ones, I will let you know. Thanks for voting.

  90. Bhavna says:

    I have always loved your warm home Kamini! Your exuberant personality and creativity shines through each room :)

  91. Kamini has built and created a beautiful home which personifies beauty and grace

  92. LOVE Kamini’s home. She has such eclectic taste and it looks fabulous!

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