Issue#2 : June/July 2011

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It is that time of year. Summer holidays are here and the blazing heat in most parts of India heralds an exodus to cooler climes. While hill destinations are the preferred choice for many, a large number of Indians dig out their passports and head to other parts of the world.

We saw this as an appropriate time to launch the international segment – Globe Trot, which brings you features on designers in various parts of the world. Spanning four continents and a diversity of style, the stories are designed to give the readership a peek into the exceptional work being done by designers all over the world.

While Prismma is essentially an Indian design and lifestyle website, its essence is derived from a belief that we live in a world sans frontiers.

Increasingly, the world of design, as with anything else, has moved across boundaries of cultures and nation states. We aim to explore the global matrix of design in a manner that is engaging and useful.

The Discover India segment on Prismma zeroes in on travel,heritage and culture.

All of which, influence design significantly. The main focus of the summer issue is exploration.

In terms of design in India, we bring you features on the young creative face of design that is breaking all moulds and carving new definitions of expression. The fact that all those featured are below the age of 35 reveals that young India is geared to take on any challenge.

Real estate in India is booming at an unprecedented scale. International designers, retailers, and luxury brands have all made their entry into urban India. The old faithful go deeper into the heart of India and seek to bring change there.

Despite the hurdles, there is a sense of affirmation that prevails. The young urban professional, well travelled and more aware, is more receptive to what is happening in the world. It is in this environment that we endeavour to tell the story of design. In the words of individuals that are defining this industry- in various parts of India, and the world.

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3 responses to “Issue#2 : June/July 2011”

  1. Jayanti says:

    I love the home tours. Very nice and colourful.

  2. Akash says:

    the bohemian rhapsody house is simply great. i like the living room den

  3. Kanchan says:

    the guide section has very helpful tips. tks for sharing

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