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For a new home construction, it goes without saying that having an architect on board is almost essential. I say almost because there are occasions when a homeowner decides to work with a builder or contractor directly. These are exceptional cases and even if you choose to walk this path, you can still follow the approach outlined here—as much as feasible— but apply the principles to the contractor firm you intend to hire, or the builder you will be working with.

An architect is as much an engineer as he/she is an artist. The technical and creative aspects of the profession go hand in hand. With 5-7 years of intensive training followed by several years of practical experiencportfolioe, architects understand the requirements of home design and are also more in tune with trends and developments in the industry.

Given that a home is a major investment and every design aspect incorporated in the structure has long-term implications, having a professional on board to help you navigate the maze can save you time, money and a lot of effort. In addition to the design skills and creativity an architect infuses into a project. From design to execution, an architect’s expertise usually encompasses all aspects of construction.

designpanelWhile creative enterprise is an essential component of good design, architects and interior designers are also trained to assess problems and challenges, while delivering design solutions to suit your requirements. Their vision often goes hand in hand with an aptitude for understanding how specific issues can be addressed most effectively. The artist in them explores the frontiers of creative excellence, while the engineer within keeps a firm grasp of the technical aspects that need to be considered every step of the way.

Interior designers bring a perspective that combines a visual aesthetic with spatial configurations, to create a living space that integrates functionality, aspiration and harmony. Décorators are finding themselves much more in demand, as homeowners venture into the finer aspects of interior expression that lays focus on details, visual articulation, enhancement, glamour and style.

This is an excerpt from the ebook How to hire an architect’

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