Interior design trends that are becoming popular

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Design reflects our collective consciousness and the times we live in. Several factors that affect our lives in various ways influence the design industry. As we move towards defining our individuality in a social setting, our focus is shifting from all that is confining and restrictive to embracing differences and celebrating change as a harbinger of a better lifestyle. Given that framework, certain trends in interior design are outlined below:

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Interior design trends

Individuality redefined :

One of the biggest trends we are likely to see in 2013 is an assertion of individuality and the expression of ‘personalised’ style preferences. The only difference being that ‘I,me, myself’ is no longer a solitary endeavour but rather a definition of uniqueness; a way of life that exists and flourishes within a collective dynamic. Even though we are far more aware of trends, the desire to affirm an individualistic point of view moves beyond status updates and tweets, extending into the world of interiors and living spaces. ‘I am home and this is me’ is the mantra.

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Indulging whims and embracing the moment:

A light-heartedness of being is what we are all seeking. While we are more sensitive to issues that deserve more attention, we are also constantly striving to discover moments that make us smile. In interior spaces, we will perhaps see this manifest in an indulgence of things that make us happy. Quirky and fun is definitely ‘in’ while spontaneity is the order of the day.

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Timelines and timeless appeal :

While the internet and other forms of technology constantly remind us that everything is changing, very fast, we seek solace in the things that endure and have a timeless appeal. Vintage is back with a bang and treasures from the past are increasingly finding their place in the sun, in our homes. We accept change but embrace memories with a passion, seeking to preserve the past in some way and renew its promise in a new form. Antique furniture, vintage textiles and the family heirlooms—all mingle and converse within a modern framework, completely at ease.

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The animal kingdom and tribal art:

Not just in wallpaper for your kids room. Animal motifs have moved beyond the leopard prints and zebra rugs to incorporate other species. They are making their way into home furnishings in a big way. Tribal art and accessories are also gaining much favour, and many traditional patterns and being used in new ways while maintaining the connect with ancient craft. This is no longer restricted to artefacts, as tribal influences can also be found in rugs, textiles and other home furnishings.

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Colour and balance:

While colour continues to find expression across all kinds of surfacing materials, furnishings and interior spaces, 2013 will see it harnessed with the reins of balance. Bold pops against a backdrop of monochromatic palettes will be more prevalent than a general overdose of hues and bling. Focussed more on accessories and home furnishings or swathes of vibrancy on surfacing interlocked with the restraint of neutral tones.

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Pattern and Print:

Where there is colour can pattern and print be too far behind? Florals bursting with joy on a white canvas and vibrant stripes in furnishings and surfacing materials. Tribal and animal motifs jostle for attention as traditional patterns and vintage prints take a huge slice of the pie. Plaids and ginghams are moving well beyond the Scottish Highlands. Geometrical patterns continue to assert their influence while intricate detailing nudges its way to the top spot.

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