Interior design Trends: The year of the specialist


There is one trend in the design industry that is likely to come into its own. This year will see more prominence for a relatively new kind of designer—the specialist. Architects and interior designers in various parts of the country will increasingly forge alliances with those working in niche aspects of design. As each segment of the industry will necessitate a focussed practice, niche designers will play a greater role in bringing considerable value to home design projects geared towards detail, definition and technology. Interior Design India

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From lighting designers to window treatment specialists, the need for professionals who are experts in a particular niche will move beyond high-end home design projects and make its presence felt in a larger scheme. No longer restricted to just being considered vendors and fabricators, these designers will be earning their name and fame as consultants within a specific niche.

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From the homeowner’s perspective they will be a shift from a multi-pronged approach to home design towards a focus funnel channelled through the services of an architect or interior designer who creates the umbrella for a comprehensive solution. The design professional will work with several niche specialists to offer their clients a more holistic solution while ensuring that no aspect of home design is left incomplete.

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There are several benefits of having a chain as follows

Niche specialist—Architect—Homeowner

The most significant benefit is that of an integrated design framework and not one in which each designer works in isolation. The second advantage is that the homeowner will not only get better quality and service with an architect at the helm, but they will also invariably get the best deal as specialists are more comfortable working with a team of designers with whom they communicate regularly and offer them the best pricing. Then there is the aspect of communication. When the channels are well-defined there is less likelihood of the overall framework ending up as a haphazard compilation of design.


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