Interior Design Ideas India: Getting the layout design right


GUIDE BANNERThe first step in designing or even just redecorating your home or a room is to get the floor plan layout configured right. Shown above: The Middya residence featured on Prismma.

Sometimes it is quite straightforward, but if there are constraints, consulting a interior design professional is the best way to maximise the flexibility your space allows.

The floor plan is far more important than deciding the furniture or various other decorative aspects as it dictates the framework of design and ensures flow of movement and enables you to turn restrictions into elements of design. Interior Design Ideas India

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hire an architect small bannerIn a new home, this aspect acquires prime importance. In an existing home, where you are looking to make certain changes it is imperative to have two plans—the existing one and the new one you imagine. Again, seeking guidance can never hurt, and can possibly avoid a disaster at a later stage. If you need a new perspective, sometimes another pair of eyes—especially a trained pair, can work better. Once you have decided on the layout and before you make any changes, you may want to think about all the movable elements that need a new setting, or, perhaps you are looking to buy. Having the exact dimensions handy helps you not only to assess if things fit as you would like them to but also allow you to calculate costs when you are out shopping. If you have a fair idea of your square foot area for various aspects and the space allocated, you can take a call while you are out shopping if something exceeds your budget or fits in nicely into the new scheme of things. Shown above: Siddiqui residence featured on Prismma


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