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My name is Marty Oravetz, I am a retired wife, mother and grandmother with a passion for home, family and entertaining. Most of my career was spent in the corporate world as a buyer for the home improvement industry, so naturally I have a passion for design, DIY and merchandising.

After retiring, we decided it was time to downsize and chose a new construction small home in a lovely new development in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the homes are well suited for the heat and monsoons of the desert with simple stucco exteriors, tile roofs, and very little architectural embellishment inside or outside.

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Interior Design Blog

I wanted this home to have a very casual, open and inviting design. I started searching for inspiration through several decor books and magazines. Tradition Home and Country French were among my favorites at the time. I also searched the internet and discovered many sources of inspiration including blogs. This led me to start my own blog —A Stroll Thru Life –  to document the transformation of my builder basic house into the inviting home that I wanted it to be. I discovered that blogging is more than just a place to be inspired, it is a place to build friendships all over the world. With an audience of thousands, there are so many different cultures and places to explore and to draw ideas and inspiration from.

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Working with just 1859 sq.ft. presented the challenge as to which furniture pieces and accessories to keep and what had to go. Some pieces have sentimental value attached to them, so I was determined to make them work. Designing the interiors of my home has been an ongoing adventure and continues today. The house has many large windows that open to the outside and I have also used large mirrors to further expand the smaller spaces.

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Some of my favourite posts show the transformation of some of the rooms in my home.

The family room area is where we spend most of our time and family loves to gather, so I recently changed a few things in this area and had a chance to enjoy my love of sewing by re-doing the drapes. This post can be viewed here 


The living room and dining area are my favourite place to change out accessories for the seasons. Here, I was trying different lamp and shade combinations and with feedback from other bloggers, I discovered several combinations that I hadn’t thought of. This post can be viewed here.


Doing a mini kitchen remodel was a fun project and shows what changes can be made on a very tight budget. This post can be viewed here

bedroom design


I think the five tips I would give anyone designing and decorating their home is to:

1. Be true to yourself, your likes and what feels comfortable and appealing to you.

2. Since merchandising was part of my career, I pay a lot of attention to my home accessories and am constantly changing all of my tabletop vignettes. This allows me to enjoy many different accessories and transform the  room with each change.

3.Display family photos in exquisite frames on an easel for a personal touch to any room.

4.Thrift shopping is a wonderful way to find an unusual piece and allows you to create one-of-a-kind accessories for your home.

5. Use huge oversized mirrors to make a small room appear larger.


My future plans are to install hardwood floors and make some major changes outside with landscaping and adding a pool. Travel is of course always on our calendar of things we love to do. Next, we want to do a complete tour of the East Coast.


7 responses to “Interior Design Blog: Marty Oravetz : A stroll through life”

  1. Woww! It looks like a palace. Wonderful work Marty!

  2. Nayana says:

    Marty, your home is beautiful. I always see beautiful vignettes on your blog.

  3. Shanthi says:

    It was lovely tour Marty. You sure made it a warm and welcoming home :-)

  4. Kala says:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous home Marty:) I am enjoying your blog too:)

  5. vasudha says:

    lovely home marty!!!!

  6. Cindy Olson says:

    I met Marty through blogging and now I am lucky enough to get to visit with her whenever I am in the Phoenix area to visit my son.
    Marty is warm and caring and she is one extremely talented gal!
    Her decorating is so right on and so fun to see!
    What a great choice to feature Marty in your magazine!

  7. Marty says:

    Thank you so much for the feature. I have enjoyed all of the homes you have featured, and I am honored to be in their company. Marty

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