Interior Design Basics: 3 things to think about

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Interior Design

Three things to consider when designing your home:

BUDGET AND PLANNING: When working on a home design project budgeting is an important part of the plan. While you are working on the design, having your cost parameters clearly defined would allow you to plan the implementation more effectively. Impulse buying is curbed and you can phase out the sourcing and purchase more efficiently. In a well-planned design/renovation project the budget part of it is never apparent as everything fits seamlessly. Have a price barrier may influence your choice but it never limits the ability to put together a well planned and executed home renovation project where functionality and visual aesthetics work hand in hand.

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OUTLINE A STORY: The script is what defines the visual vocabulary.When you are planning a home renovation, focus on the things you aim to achieve. Keep the big picture in mind and then start figuring out the small details. One is incomplete without the other. To create a seamless integration of ideas, it is important to have a story outline. A random compilation of thoughts, without a structure ends up looking like a haphazard attempt.

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INDIVIDUALITY: A living space is a reflection of your personality and indivuality. Much like your physical appearance, the more attention you pay to it, the more defined your sense of style becomes. Whether you follow fashion or prefer not to follow trends and fads, the fact of the matter is, as long as you are open to change you will consistently explore possibilties. The idea is to create an interior which has an enduring appeal and resonates with your style preferences.


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